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Burma. At what cat it is difficult to define exact weight?

Scientists continue to argue on, where and when the wild cat was cultivated. One consider that it occurred in Ancient Egypt about ten-twelve thousand years ago, others speak about East Asia. Dispute goes and about quantity of cat breeds. Burma. At what cat it is difficult to define exact weight?

Among мурлык breeds are known: Abyssinian, Asian, Bengalese, Bombay, Brazilian, British, Himalaya, Californian, Norwegian, Persian, Russian, Seychelles, Siberian, Thai, Turkish, egeysky, Japanese. It only general name of breeds. In each breed there are standard distinctions. Because of Continue reading

Than Egyptian vultures are well-known?

Bald "ugly" birds with "strange" addiction to drop do not use special popularity at fans of animal and ecological tourists. The heads of Egyptian vultures soiled by blood, ugly bodies and quarrelsome temper cause disgust, than admiration rather. However, as though we did not treat them, whoever these birds seemed, their role in the nature is very considerable. Than Egyptian vultures are well-known?

Ecologists sound alarm: Egyptian vultures in trouble. In India, Nepal and Pakistan for the last decade their population decreased for 95 %. Continue reading

Tasty trips round the world. In what uniqueness of the French traditions?

France it is rich with the traditions which have developed throughout many centuries. The food and alcohol play important role in the French society and reflect heritage, the social status and the relations of people.

Having lived two years in the French province, having traveled all over a country quarter, having got friends, the house, I learned not only to cook caramel cream, to bake croissants and to understand wines. The live French culture allowed to be in a stream of the present moment without worship and bias. Continue reading

How to prepare dishes of Chinese cuisine?

I love meat. And who does not love it? Friends call me by a gourmet. Simply I like to try different recipes. Something such. Lately actively I am interested in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese. As I like to cook, itself I try new and interesting recipes. The main thing that quickly – work at all does not leave time. And tasty it would be desirable. How to prepare dishes of Chinese cuisine?

In China are a good judge of food and to sit on diets – not for them. Yes it also is not necessary. Dishes of Chinese cuisine are surprisingly balanced on composition of Continue reading

Tasty trips round the world. Why Frenchmen – the most healthy nation?

Frenchmen, unlike inhabitants of other countries of Europe, possess the highest life expectancy. Statistically, in France only 8 % of people have obesity. The reasons are covered in social traditions. After all the culture of a food is an important key to understanding of the general culture of the people.

Walking on paved streets of the provincial small town, examining visitors of the cafes sitting directly on the street at little tables, you do not cease to be surprised, how there are a lot of beautiful well-groomed elderly people on the promised Continue reading

With what we happen? Three types of a constitution

You never noticed, what people similar outwardly often show also lines of similarity of characters? It is not so casual, as that the psychology studies not only the sincere world of the person, but also his body is not casual also. The factors connecting structure of a body with structure of the personality, a set. Let’s concern only one, the major and base: such as a constitution.

Among people surrounding us it is possible to allocate quite accurately full, thin and strong. Physicians and psychologists, without philosophizing, took as a basis Continue reading

Than the bank deposit is dangerous?

On datas of statistics, a half of our fellow citizens holds the savings on bank deposits. And it no wonder, after all for many is the simplest way to start to invest the money with the minimum risk. However everything is not so unequivocal! Than the bank deposit is dangerous?

Often I hear reproaches in the address concerning my councils to hold the most part of the savings on bank deposits. Because:

– percent on deposits do not cover inflation;

– the Continue reading

What is the projective psychological tests?

One of all of known instruments of psychological diagnostics – tests. It is possible to test almost any aspect of mentality – memory, attention, and even the personality. There is an opinion that all psychologists use tests. That the psychologist nearly from a threshold will suggest to be tested and everything will tell about you! Generally, everything is not so iridescent. What is the projective psychological tests?
Africa Studio,

The science, of course, moves forward, and differently can be. No, exact tests are. That investigate the cognitive sphere: memory, attention, Continue reading

Битрубль. What hopes to be the first Russian криптовалюта?

The first Russian криптовалюта hopes to become the most real! Based on technology блокчейн. And lawful! I.e. to correspond to all laws of the Russian Federation. Битрубль. What hopes to be the first Russian криптовалюта?

The Russian payment system Qiwi conceived to make real Russian криптовалюту. The director general of the Qiwi company Sergey Solonin reported about this stunning news. Seemingly good idea. But cкорее of everything, will not be realized it. And fault to it not technical difficulties. And what then? Continue reading