About an election of the president in Belarus

Election of the president in Belarus should be renamed into rerere-elections of President Lukashenko as there are no doubts in the one who will be the "next" President fairly. On Belarusian, on Soviet manners in all senses to not self-critical TV голубоглазо, with the Belarusian naivety calculated on the fool or, at least, on the foreigner, ignorant of the developed political situation in the country, tell about candidates for president, show frames of their performances, give excerpts from their election programs, intentionally creating illusion of transparent and honest race, thus as if casually forgetting to tell to that President Lukashenko has massmediyny monopoly and percent of a mushiny meltesheniye in mass media at it about 90 against 10 at the rivals. About it as with delight it is told about Caesar’s wife or the dead man exclusively good and positive while about his political opponents it is told as in positive, and a negative key, and all this circus is arranged for one simple purpose – to show that in the country of Belarus honest and transparent elections.

In three months prior to elections on streets of the Belarusian cities for the sake of an additional bonus from the deans and rectors or under the threat of an exception students stick to passersby with a sparkle in eyes with one on all the introductory phrase «Support Alexander Grigoryevich», and on benches near sit on mouse gray and imperceptible watching, watching closely that who and that speaks, on houses the same boys and girls with the same, one phrase on all «in the evenings go Support …», at shops distribute leaflets with the same «Support …» (We somehow with the friend passed on the central street of Grodno of meters so three hundred that to us stuck, under a vigilant look сексотов three times, and suggested to put the signature in support of Alexander Grigoryevich and when I suggested to put the signature against Alexander Grigoryevich, in air a cobble-stone hung an awkward pause as if I attempted on sacred).

At universities, institutes, on public industries in an obligatory, compulsory order packs signatures in support of Lukashenko gather. Those who refuses to put signatures, without arm-twisting, very softly and imperceptibly, in Belarusian get to lists unreliable, and for the chief of any sales department any «Ball-bearing plant» to refuse to put the signature in favor of Lukashenko, means to give up as a bad job the nachalstvenny career.

All this is at the same time clear and it is disgusting. It is clear, because in a different way in Belarus do not choose and elections do not win. Disgustingly – because all understand everything, all is awkward and disgusting, but all all the same, having not for long rumpled and in smoking-rooms having expressed soft, in Belarusian almost imperceptible indignation append the signatures where it is necessary.
Interesting, paradoxical fact: in personal conversations in Belarus of 80 % of the population against Lukashenko. However on elections it every time wins having gained 80 %.
Who becomes the following President of Belarus? Interestingly, who it will be?-)

About Russian in Syria

The Russian Federation declared IGIL war, sent the planes to Syria and as to us enthusiastically tell every day on TV, already put to flight thousands terrorists (sometimes the Russian mass media even give exact figures – «six hundred fighters left the ranks of IGIL and in a panic ran», «two thousand terrorists ran to Europe» etc. However, unclear as they them managed to count, but it, as they say, particulars).

On the Russian TV about it general undisguised pleasure and complacency which are occasionally diluted with critical and realistic evaluations and forecasts not only patriotically adjusted experts, whose mouths, however, on the first minute successfully shut up in tens of other, more patriotic voices.

And in vain the people so exult. First, to consider that IGIL can be broken, won, destroyed, as to us tell from screens of the Russian television, even in a tandem with Assad’s land army, even in a coalition with the West naively and silly: IGIL is not only and so many machine guns, machine guns, the tanks, the cut-off heads etc., how many the radical Islamic ideology which is strongly sitting in the heads of soldiers of the Islamic state, ready to die for the belief and idea. IGIL not to win, as it was impossible to win Afghan душманов while in the Middle East there is no world and an order, and they there will not be still for a long time.

Secondly, in Syria we do not know the truth about the Russian operation (on that it and military operation, instead of Sunday walk) and do not learn still any time as did not know all truth about the Chechen campaigns or war in Afghanistan. On the TV to us will tell still for a long time about successes of Russian planes (and you can present Russian in real time telling about the failures?-), will say lies or tell that as as it is necessary. So was with Chechnya so was with Afghanistan so was with "Kursk", Budenovsky, Beslan. Yes with everything. It seems the Russian authorities and the truth, honesty and transparency – concepts an essence incompatible.

By the way, the subject of lie and favorable lies can be developed: unless Putin what in Syria there will be no Russian armies that they there appeared already next day did not say until recently, unless did not lie about «green the little man» in the Crimea when columns of the Russian equipment and military there went, unless the facts of finding of the Russian citizens on Donbass were not disproved?

Thirdly, it is not necessary to be under a delusion with that land operation with participation of the Russian military in Syria will not be. At least because until recently to us firmly declared that our armies in Syria will not be, that they there appeared next day. The Russian military already are at war on the party of army of Assad. Instruct, give logistic and technical support. Hotheads like the president of Chechnya are torn to be at war in Syria. And in view of one thousand and one lie of security officer Putin for which lie – not lie, and possibility to outwit, deceive the opponent and everything, at the Russian citizens is every chance shortly to start to receive coffins from the Syrian Desert.

All of us hear time about successes of Russian (are destroyed camp of terrorists, plants on production of the weapon, base), we hear how terrorists in different directions run, but we hear nothing that actually occurs in IGIL as if they are already destroyed. Present only, as they are not toothless rabbits, and they have rocket installations and rockets on short and average distances. And if still is not present, so means will be – Saudi Arabia will help. Also that they will shoot not only on Assad’s infantry, but also will make everything to strike blows both to the Russian base and on planes. Also that I will do Russian when pair three of rockets will fly on their base? Let’s continue operation from air? And the occasion always will be the most noble and weighty.

Fourthly, declaring the good purpose of fight against terrorists in their territory not to start up on the earth, the Russian citizens, apparently, do not understand that thereby they, on the contrary, approach that day when igilovets and their followers will blow up houses and to cut incorrect in their territory. In the Caucasus already, by the way or not so, there were natives of IGIL with obviously unfriendly intentions. Also it is worth to remember that among Muslims of Russia there are much those who supports IGIL and also will promote that more than the incorrect left for paradise in the territory. And whether still will be – still only begins.

Fifthly, that to us push about IGIL with cut off by the heads and radical Islam – only particulars. Actually, we plainly do not know anything about IGIL. We do not know, for example, that IGIL opposes the unipolar world where at the head there is money that in the ranks of IGIL highly educated, professional soldiers of Iraq and Syria act a lot of. But when to us day by day тычут in a brain the cut-off heads, and idea of IGIL at the majority the corresponding. (And what, in Chechnya "federal soldiers" did not cut off ears at "Czechs", and «шурави» by mistake did not burn out the whole auls in Afghanistan? A la guerre comme a la guerre – including, and the cut-off heads).
Sixthly, it is not necessary to say lies about the brotherly help to fraternal people of Syria. Everything is much more prosy and sillier: tormented by crises and under sanctions on which it to "spit", Russia, decided to show Kuzkina mother of the USA and Europe. Well, and to the one who has nothing to show – to brag neither strong economy, nor social sphere, anything, it is necessary to play muscles and to start rockets in another’s territory. And not the space.

Seventhly, it is not necessary about absence of victims among the peace population. We do not know, who actually now perishes under Russian bombs, exclusively terrorists or among them are so-called moderate opposition or even peace Syrian citizens. After all igilovets are based not only in camps in the desert, but also in inhabited quarters. Any military operation, even with the most high-precision weapon, never did without civil victims. And we about them still will hear. Unfortunately, as always, late.

At the time of tsezary for игрищами and shows campaigns to the German or British lands followed. At the time of Brezhnev there were Olympic Games in Moscow and then input of armies to Afghanistan. At the time of Putin there were games in Sochi, annexation of the Crimea, a shame on Donbass and now Syria. Rockets will test, in bombing will practice, to the Western world will show that if not in economy, a science or human rights so in military operations at safe distance Russian are still strong. Traffic in arms, after oil and gas – the most profitable article of the Russian income besides will go up.

The Russian state was at war always and peace life for it in burden. Not without reason «the glory of the Russian weapon», instead of what other glory so captivates million Russians. At Russian to cover itself with glory it is impossible at office, behind a counter, at a blackboard, in operational. To cover itself with glory it is possible only in the field of fight. Also it is desirable to be lost thus, instead of to escape.

And today, as in the Russian Kazan and Omsk voluntary compulsorily collected on Krymnash and the help to Donbass, deducting at the employees and workers a part of a salary there where it is necessary, assignments at citizens on rockets and planes in Syria will be made also. Military operation, start up only from air, pleasure not from the cheap. Especially for the country which is under economic sanctions and in crisis. For the country, in which problems with payment of pensions, health care, corruption. One only fighting departure of "drying" with fuel consumption and maintenance, not including costs of arms which is dumped on IGIL, costs about ten thousand dollars. With high-precision bombs and rockets which are spent by tens daily, cost grows in times. One such departure can cost to the Russian taxpayer to fifty thousand dollars. Two three tens departures can daily cost one million and more dollars in day. And it not including all expenses on stay of the Russian military base on territories of Syria. Here also count, how many, by the most modest estimates, will cost only one month of military operation in glory of the Russian weapon and for the sake of the world on the earth.