Will cost how many dollar in 2-3 months? It will cost 80 rubles – here my forecast! I will repeat once again – the dollar will cost 80 rubles! Why I am so confident in it? Read about it below. Whether the dollar will cost 80 rubles?
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So happened that the mankind got to lifelong slavery dependence from a monetary financial system. Without money, as well as without air, to us long not to stretch! Therefore each of us should understand this subject properly, at least. Otherwise next «black Monday» (crisis in economy or international "dismantlings" of politicians) will reject again us on 10-15 years ago – depriving of savings, investments and the apartments bought by means of a "currency" mortgage. Why I am sure, what the dollar will cost 80 rubles?

It is possible to give long telling arguments and arguments, like these:

– "bubbles" of stock markets of China inflated to a limit and America are going to burst;

– cost of oil fell below psychologically significant mark and, most likely, does not plan to stop;

– the geopolitics "is heated" – "flashpoints" on our planet becomes more and more;

– The European Union "cracks" on seams, convulsively trying to return to a family bosom that one, other country, intended to get rid of "euroobligations";

– structural reforms and import substitution while revolve … But it everything has no value!

I once again urge you not to pay any attention to similar explanations of so-called "experts" and the statement of politicians and the high-ranking officials. Because they have such work – in difficult situations to do a clever face and to "bullshit" the population. I suggest you to look at the events differently – through time prism. As wise Solomon bequeathed to us: «And it will pass».

Yes, the dollar will cost 80 rubles. But it is temporary. We will see that the dollar will cost 80, and then 60, 50, 100 rubles. Sooner or later, in a year or 10 years, we with guarantee will see these figures on a board in exchange offices of currency. Dollar cost always will "skip" up and down. Such at it destiny.

I recommend to you philosophically, on-solomonovski, to treat the events. We passed it any more once, similar occurs always – during any financial crises.

Your fussy attempts to earn on jumps of exchange rates (securities, the goods, etc.) will lead you only to disappointment and loss of money. It is necessary to you? Why to you second refrigerator?

The majority of people emotional беззрассудно reacts to force-majeur circumstances in economy. Lines for "firm" currency – electronics, household appliances and square meters are instantly built.


– why to you the second refrigerator if in it there is no food?

– why to you the new iPhone if old still regularly works?

– why extremely expensively to buy dollars if in few months all of them equally fall in price? The person is a gregarious animal

Psychologists already noticed long ago that fact that in crowd of people instantly "grows dull". It stupidly obeys opinion of crowd, instead of will listen to a voice of the reason.

Why you throw out the money? What to you is more expensive – financial wellbeing of your family or the new TV closing half-walls?

Stability in the financial markets never was and will not be – always there is a volatility (unpredictable fluctuations up and down). Learn to operate the personal (family) finance, leaning on this fact.

Calm down, do well the work, and then everything will be in a full order! P.S.

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