The first Russian криптовалюта hopes to become the most real! Based on technology блокчейн. And lawful! I.e. to correspond to all laws of the Russian Federation. Битрубль. What hopes to be the first Russian криптовалюта?

The Russian payment system Qiwi conceived to make real Russian криптовалюту. The director general of the Qiwi company Sergey Solonin reported about this stunning news. Seemingly good idea. But cкорее of everything, will not be realized it. And fault to it not technical difficulties. And what then?

Let’s look that such криптовалюта in general.

«Kriptovalyuta – the type of digital currency, issue and which account are based on asymmetric enciphering and application of various cryptographic methods of protection, such as by Proof-of-work?/or Proof-of-stake. Functioning of system occurs is decentralized in the distributed computer network». Definition from Wikipedia.

If to reject all clever words, криптовалюта are such money which arise anywhere, but function as usual money for which it is possible to buy or change something these virtual bank notes at the exchange. For dollars. Or euro. Or …

How in general arise криптоденьги? Any programmer or group of programmers writes algorithm on which virtual bank notes appear on computers of users which support system.

Than the idea of possession and using virtual bank notes is interesting to users:

1. Possibility to earn money from air. However, not at all these it will turn out, биткойн and others liquid криптовалюты for a long time майнятся by means of expensive specialized chips.

2. Low cost of transactions. In the course of transition of money from the account into the account the bulky banking system is not used. The lot of intermediaries disappears.

3. Anonymity. Kriptovalyuta do not identify the user. The account is absolutely anonymous and represents, for example, in a case криптовалюты биткойн, a chetyrnadtsatiznachny code from different symbols.

4. And the main thing – freedom! The virtual account cannot be blocked, and means to withdraw. By a court decision, according to any decision of tax inspection or other representatives the state of the organizations. Here it also frightens statesmen most strongly.

Basis of any modern криптовалюты – блокчейн, the such bank book in which all operations with криптоденьгами are written down and which is stored on computers of the people using that kriptovalyuty. And to confirm transition of money from one account on another, the certain users called by mayner, use capacities of the computers to write down data in this блокчейн on a certain algorithm. Also receive for it money. Anywhere. More precisely, «the press of money» occurs at the expense of performance by the user of the cryptographic functions defined by algorithm. This process by a mining is called.

And here the idea of a mining криптовалюты, i.e. possibility to users to emit a certain currency, is not entered at all in monetary policy of the Russian state.

Let’s remember one indicative case.

«In Kolionovo’s village of the Egoryevsky area today the last day of unusual experiment. The local farmer, Mikhail Shlyapnikov, entered there the currency – колионы. For 50 rubles it is possible to buy 1 колион, and then to exchange it for the agricultural goods. Koliona – only the next idea of not indifferent farmer. On the money raised from them, except hospital, Mikhail plans to restore a fire pond, library and a bath». From news of public television of Russia on September 12, 2014.

This experiment ended is pitiable. The local prosecutor’s office declared that колионы, the debentures of the individual of Mikhail Shlyapnikov printed in printing house, «pose threat for unity of payment system Russian Federation» and «will disorient the population in the conditions of an economic crisis». Punishment for such serious charge criminal, but the public discussion lifted in mass media, reduced a heat of the state accusers and by a court decision Mikhail Shlyapnikov should destroy simply all printed колионы. And after all that farmer could and in prison to sit down. For a long time.

In October, 2014. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation published the bill punishing for use and distribution of virtual currencies by a large penalty. After that many firms, for example one known large Internet shop, refused use plans криптовалют.

Now on release of «alternative money» the Russian payment system Qiwi is going to carry out the experiment. The name of this криптовалюты is already known. Битрубль.

Sergey Solonin reported that the first Russian криптовалюта will be realized or on technology of a chain of blocks (блокчейн), or on technology of the distributed exchange (bitshares). To correspond to the Russian legislation, consultations of the central bank of the Russian Federation are conducted.

Thoughts of the Russian officials concerning new Russian криптовалюты best of all were expressed by financial ombudsman Pavel Medvedev on air of radio station «Moscow Speaks».

«It is absolutely illegal, such technical hooliganism is absolutely wrongful. To Constitutions it is written, who has the right to emit money in Russia are the Central Bank. The unique currency in Russia is the ruble. All other money is illegal, and the such disgrace is penal. Trouble that the criminal law is applied in a slipshod way: when make small hooliganism, put for 20 years and when the financial basis of the state is undermined, long think, how it to treat. Release of parallel currency is a crime».

And here in other countries to криптовалютам and to other alternative money belong more tolerantly. In Germany and the USA криптовалюты are equated to taxable property. Citizens count up cost of virtual bank notes available for them in national currency at date of tax payment, calculate cost of a tax and pay this tax absolutely lawfully.

In many countries of the world the turn криптовалют is not regulated in any way, simply the authorities of these countries warn the population that purchase sale and a mining of virtual bank notes is carried out at own risk. And only in some countries криптовалюты are absolutely beyond the law. Among these countries and the Russian Federation …