The success of the first криптовалюты – биткойна, caused explosive effect of creation numerous new криптовалют. Versions of such virtual electronic money today over five hundred! What baizes from the history BitCoin became legends? Part 2

All founders of new types криптовалют dreamed to repeat success биткойна. However to repeat success and to be fixed at certain rather good level not easy! Many of them first rose, but could not keep at height and fell.

Following the results of 2013 биткойн recognized as the best investment project on the Internet. The price for one coin increased by then in 300 000 times in comparison with the first auction!

  • What baizes from the history BitCoin became legends? Part 2,

For the six-year history биткойн tested many scrapes, but the main thing that as a result project capitalization during its existence became impressive – nearly 3,5 billion dollars! He with a big separation goes in advance all the others криптовалют.

On a site data on cost of coins and the amount of the general capitalization of the first ten most successful are published in a mode online криптовалют. We give a screenshot of the first five. Let’s notice that the fifth position differs on capitalization from the sixth approximately seven times. And on the second position costs криптовалюта this year OneCoin which while is weaker than BitCoin on capitalization five times, but promptly catches up with the leader.

Bitkoyn became the means of payment recognized at the international level. Some rather serious transactions are made for криптовалюту. For example, on the Internet now it is possible to find the announcement of sale of a smart country house in Greece for 1,2 million dollars or for 5 000 биткойнов. On a choice.

Coins of BitCoin gain the increasing popularity in many countries as reserve currency, as means for financial accumulation and their possible growth with increase in demand at a coin. All remember the beginning of 2014 when the price of a coin reached a record point.

And not only for this purpose. For example, in Poland and Ukraine it is possible to exchange биткойны for local currency. And on the contrary. That fact that in Ukraine in networks of payment terminals 24NONSTOP and IBOX, and their over 4000 pieces, purchase function биткойна today is available, speaks about much!

To buy the apartment for five dollars. Other history, with opposite, in comparison with pizza purchase by result, occurred to the Norwegian student Christopher Koch. In the autumn of 2009 he wrote student’s work on the subject of enciphering. Christopher would like to recover somehow the work as examples from real life.

Its attention was involved by the note describing creation of any ciphered electronic money which can be used over time for calculations for the goods. The subject seemed to it rather interesting to tell about it in the student’s work.

To penetrate into a subject more deeply, it got for the sum of 150 Norwegian kroner 5000 биткойнов. Then this money was equivalent $26,6, that is one coin cost 0,532 cents.

Student’s work was successfully protected, and Christopher soon forgot about this transaction. Passed three and a half years. In the spring of 2013 he read in one of newspapers about record growth of the price for coins биткойн.

Christopher, naturally, remembered old purchase of coins and decided to take an interest, what became the price on биткойны. What were its surprise and delight when he found out that market cost of its coins reached $886 000! That is each its coin reached in the price of $177! Growth in more than 33000 times!

It was fast released from virtual coins, having turned them into real dollars. Got the smart apartment in the Oslo center and started to live in grand style. The wealth itself literally fell down to it in hands.

Legend about the uncertain investor. Here history of arrival of one business investor in new perspective криптовалюту. One fine day 2010 his acquaintance, too the businessman, from England, suggested it to buy биткойны on 3 cents apiece. It was necessary to consult to the specialists friends understanding in this area.

On the basis of the received consultations he came to a conclusion that all this is a full crap! That time he refused purchase биткойнов. Soon from the Englishman the new offer arrived to buy, but already at the price of 50 cents for a coin. Our investor and this time without superfluous reflections refused.

In a month the subject again "came" to our hero. This time the price was $10 for a coin. As the Englishman paid attention that growth of the price of a coin, considering from the first offer, made 333 times, this fact started to cause a certain interest. And in couple of days one биткойн cost already $35.

Then our hero at last made the decision: it is necessary to take! Gathered $35 000 to get 1000 coins, and reported about it to the English friend. This time the message came from England that биткойн started to fall and there are already only $11 for a coin. Our hero reacted simply – it spat an invention and refused to participate in so adventurous project.

The following call from England was about new cost биткойна, reached $200 for a coin! Our hero thought that so high price hardly will increase further, and made the decision that its train left, and a subject closed forever.

And in a year the Englishman bragged that sold a half of the биткойнов at the price of over $1000 for piece and earned on this transaction of 23,5 million dollars at a starting expense in $40 000. The result impressing any businessman! And our hero received the remarkable lesson motivating in the future more deeply to study offered subjects for investment and quicker to make the decisions!

Banal conclusion from this history. Main thing: to appear in the right place in due time, or strike while the iron is hot!