Babin porridge – a dish difficult. Not according to the recipe, and on value. Such porridge our ancestors noted the birth of the new person and saw off him from life. An ancient ceremonial dish sometimes prepare and today. The recipe it carefully store in vicinities Osipovichey. How to prepare for Babin porridge? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of
Olha Afanasieva,

Christening, or in Belarusian «хрэсьбiны» – an ancient Slavic ceremony. A body of this special house holiday in day of sacrament of a baptism – a dinner on which the relatives were going to visit the baby and his parents. For a dinner only married women who already had own children were allowed. Entertainments on «хрэсьбiны» generally bore with themselves. The main course of a table – to Babin porridge – was brought by the grandma midwife, from where and the name.

For Babin porridge cook only in a clay pot. Why the approach to a ware choice is so strict, it becomes clear slightly lower.

The main component of this porridge – millet. On three glasses of grain one liter of the milk, three eggs, three tablespoons of dense sour cream and a honey tablespoon is required. Salt and sugar – to taste. For Babin porridge – sweet, sugar in it did not feel sorry. Probably, that life at newborns was more sweet.

The touched millet grain fill up in a clay pot, filling it approximately half. At once also salt, at the same time a pinch with salt three times christening a pot and sentencing: «Pamazhi Bozhanka, incorporated bank porridge was tasty, incorporated bank гасцям is tasty was eaten». Then grain fill in with milk almost to the very top of a pot, carefully mix, that pamakrela grain, and put a pot in the furnace. Nearby, not in the heat, is closer to edge. Millet should be boiled thoroughly only to semi-readiness.

After porridge will begin to boil and will a little boil, a pot get and pour out its contents in ware more, that «пакласцi da porridges ўсе прысмакi».

Eggs break in separate ware and mix together with sour cream and sugar, then pour out in porridge, add there a little honey for a smell and a butter slice. Everything together mix to homogeneous weight of a consistence of dense sour cream until all lumps will be stirred. If porridge turned out too dense, add a little milk.

Zames spread back in a pot, just in case once again christen: «Give My God as porridge kind спяклася», and put in the furnace at two o’clock. This time in depth that well got warm, разопрела and strong seized.

Think, on it all? It is possible for Babin porridge «with a heat about a heat» to a table to submit? Are mistaken, after all «хрэсьбiны» still ahead.

All guests on christening knew that porridge surely will appear on a table, after all it – the central dish of a holiday, a reproduction symbol. But the grandma midwife hid for the time being the entertainment brought with, hid from all. After playful, but the hardened auction and receiving repayment, quite, it should be noted, deserved, the midwife gave a pot with porridge to the godfather, the godfather of the child.

That wrapped a pot in a pure bench hammer and from everything to scope beat about a table. Now it is clear, why for Babin porridge cook only in pottery?

The pot after blow, of course, broke up into crocks. But well uprevshy porridge kept a form and was not scattered, unless along the edges. The lump the reel of porridge of godmothers broke and treated all guests.

Now – bon appetit!

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