Dishes of Korean cuisine differ sharp taste. At preparation the most different seasonings and spices are used, but is a red burning pepper and garlic more often. Red burning pepper to Korea was brought by Europeans relatively recently, but it quickly became a distinctive feature of Korean cuisine. At which, by the way, much in common with Japanese and Chinese. How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?

Koreans very much love pork, fish and various vegetables. And rice and noodles are Basic Elements of their ethnic cuisine.

The destiny brought together me with Korean cuisine in student’s years. To us to academy there arrived the student from Korea. Besides the main study, it actively studied Russian and Russian traditions. All students reached for Han whom quickly enough began to call Jan – so it was more convenient to us, and she and did not object. In general, the open and kind girl, it was always glad to guests.

  • How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?
    Item Koshevetsky, personal archive
  • How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?
    Item Koshevetsky, personal archive
  • How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?
    Item Koshevetsky, personal archive
  • How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?
    Item Koshevetsky, personal archive
  • How to prepare dishes of Korean cuisine?
    Item Koshevetsky, personal archive

We often with friends visited it, and I, happened, came a little earlier to learn preparation of the Korean dishes. After the academy termination it left home, and we still had pleasant memories and good recipes. No, you do not think, the exchange of recipes was mutual.

Today I will share several recipes of dishes which often prepare in our family. Over time dishes adapted under our kitchen a little, but is not strong … The stuffed vegetable marrows

Components: 4 vegetable marrows; 1 egg; 3 small bulbs; 3 garlic gloves; 500 g of pork pulp; 20 g of butter; nutmeg pinch; small bunch of greens of parsley; salt and red burning pepper.


Young vegetable marrows carefully to wash out and, without clearing of a peel, to cut half-and-half. Carefully to cut out a knife pulp, and vegetable marrows to lower in the boiling added some salt water for 5 minutes.

Meat (it is possible to use crude or boiled), pulp of vegetable marrows, onions and garlic to pass through a meat grinder to add the crushed greens of parsley, a nutmeg, salt pepper. The received forcemeat is good for mixing with the shaken-up egg.

To fill vegetable marrows with the prepared forcemeat, to lay out on a baking sheet greased with butter, and to put in the warmed-up oven for 30 minutes. From above on forcemeat to put on a small slice of butter, the dish will be more juicy. Instead of an oven it is possible to prepare a dish in multicooking that will add to it more saturated taste. When giving to a table it is possible to strew vegetable marrows with fresh greens of parsley.

Pyongyang cutlets

Components: 600 g of pulp of pork; 200 ml of milk; 2 slices of bread; 150 g of sea cabbage; 1 egg; olive oil, crackers, pepper, salt.

Preparation. Meat together with the bread previously presoaked in milk, and sea cabbage to pass through a meat grinder. To add salt, the pepper, the shaken-up egg, it is good to vent, create everything cutlets, to roll in them in crackers and to fry in olive oil before formation of a ruddy crust. South Korean vegetable marrows

Components: 150 g of smoked lard; 6 small vegetable marrows; 3 garlic gloves; 1 bulb; 3 tablespoons of olive oil; 1 tablespoons of soya sauce; 1 tablespoons of the crushed greens of parsley; salt and red burning pepper.

Preparation. A bulb to clear and largely to cut. Fat to cut with small cubes, to lay out in previously warmed-up frying pan with olive oil, to add onions. To fry a mix on slow fire. Vegetable marrows to wash up, clear, cut thin slices, to sprinkle a little soya sauce, to mix with fat and onions, to salt and pepper to taste. To extinguish under a cover about 40 minutes or to shift in multicooking for 20 minutes. To submit with fresh greens. The Korean snack to beer

This snack was the most favourite entertainment at all. In the evenings we gathered at Han. Young people brought live beer, and it submitted traditional Korean snack to beer. We could stay all night long, crackling a juicy kartoshechka and listening to stories about far Korea …

To prepare it it is very simple. Tubers of potatoes to clear, wash out, cut thin circles and to dry on a towel. Then to fry potatoes in vegetable oil to golden color, to shift a shumovka on a warmed-up dish, plentifully to salt, a mix of pepper (black ground and red burning) and the crushed greens.

Somehow I invited Han, we laid a table, and my mother submitted vinaigrette. Han told us that they have a similar dish, only they prepare it without cabbage and submit to it the herring soaked in milk. The Korean vinaigrette with a herring

Components: 100 g of a beet; 200 g of pickles; 100 g of carrots; 100 g of potatoes; vegetable oil; green onions; 50 g of sauerkraut; 1 glass of milk; 1 herring; wine vinegar; sugar, salt, red burning pepper.

Preparation. A herring to clear, divide into fillet, to presoak at 10 o’clock in milk. Separately to boil carrots, a beet and potatoes. Vegetables to cool, slice, mix with the cut pickles, sauerkraut and green onions. To fill with vegetable oil, wine vinegar, sugar, pepper and salt to taste. To submit salad on portsionny plates with herring slices. And for a dessert …

Sweets at Han always turned out fantastic, especially fruit salads. It took different fruit, both fresh, and tinned, and sometimes even did of them a mix and filled with vanilla yogurt or a pudding.

Fruit was cut by thin slices, fell down powdered sugar then it left them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Before giving to a table filled salad with vanilla yogurt or a pudding mixed with ground walnuts.

In Russia often prepare salads with cheese, but fruit salad with cheese became for me opening. To prepare it it is not difficult.

We take the pineapple half, two apples and it is a little cheese. We clear fresh pineapple and apples. Fruit and cheese it is cut by cubes. We mix sour cream with powdered sugar and fruit juice. The received sauce filled fruit salad, from above strew with the crushed nuts. Before giving to a table we decorate salad with tangerine segments.

Be not afraid to experiment, strike up new acquaintances and to fill up the moneybox of recipes. Bon appetit!

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