Everyone who read at least Robert Kiyosaki’s one book from a series «The rich father. The poor father», reflected on importance of creation so-called «the passive income». However it is extremely difficult to unprepared person to realize "book" knowledge. And here the game "Cash flow" (Cash Flow) to the aid comes. To that will you will be taught by Robert Kiyosakis game Cash flow?

More than 7 years on a constant basis, several times a week, I organized and carried out financial developing game "Cash flow". This remarkable board game Robert Kiyosaki, the author of popular books «The rich father, the poor father» thought up, «Kvadrant of a cash flow» and pair more of tens books about personal finance.

Any training brings result, yields the fruits. Training long, you become a professional in the field of activity chosen by you. What give trainings in creation of the passive income?

First, it is the most serious internal changes, reorganization of thinking and change of monetary stereotypes.

In the course of participation in the game "Cash flow":

• the steady understanding of the world of money and the basic principles of investment and business is formed;

• literally in a subcortex of a brain register (run forever) corrected addresses with the personal finance;

• every possible operations with actions, bonds, deposits and gold coins are fulfilled in practice;

• there is an experience with the real estate which is bringing in the income of its tenancy;

• it is possible to feel the owner of various business assets generating the passive income.

It is only a visible part of acquired skills and occurring internal changes.

Secondly, there is a working off in practice of skills of communication with other people.

Strongly different people come to game – on level of the income and education, on a post and existence of the business, advanced and beginning. And with all of them it is necessary quickly to be able to find a common language.

In the course of the game "Cash flow" at whom the maximum income, and the one who is able to agree – is mutually advantageous to cooperate with other participants of game wins not.

Any big success grows out of harmonious work of team of adherents. It is alone much more difficult to become the Winner and to find desirable financial independence.

Thirdly, there is an ability to use resources and possibilities of other people.

Leaning only on the resources (a salary, accumulation, knowledge, qualification, experience), is rather problematic to provide to itself the high income and financial wellbeing. It is very important to learn to earn brains and hands of other people, to involve the possibilities inaccessible to the single. From the theory to results

Having fulfilled in a safe game form all above-mentioned skills, it is necessary to pass to their application in the real life.

Many participating in the game "Cash flow", unfortunately, "play", and their financial successes and remain only virtual, artificial success. They did not understand, how the hero of one of films told that «the punching bag cannot hit back».

The same who methodically started to use the knowledge received on "Cash flow" and skills, became not only fans of a passive stream, but also his owners. They receive the real income, and not just about it speak and dream.

P.S. And you have assets? You created additional sources of the income? Or you still only continue to read clever articles, the "correct" books and to dream of the best life?