What association is caused in you by the word "save": mockery and violence over, or one of ways of movement to the financial wellbeing? If you want to "be in the chips" with guarantee not only today, but also for the rest of the life, time the decision came to make – to save money or not to save? To save money or not to save?
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One of the most painful questions about money (and similar questions always are difficult and strongly emotionally charged) – whether it is necessary to save money, or it is possible to do without this sophisticated mockery over by itself?

In the beginning it is necessary to try to understand, why people start to save? What them compels to reflect on the money?

As practice shows, it occurs in two cases:

1) when money constantly does not suffice, even on the most necessary;

2) when money began to arrive more than it is required on life, and there is a question: where them to enclose, how проинвестировать how they are correct for increasing?

In present economically restless time scrupulously to count money us force external circumstances (instead of our own decision):

– absolutely unclear (also it is unpredictable) that will be tomorrow;

– every second fear and the strongest stress because of possible sudden loss of work (or reductions of the size of a salary);

– a sharp rise in price of the settled, habitual way of life which has developed for much years (including food, services and rest).

We do not love, when others solve for us, we against violence over, we are protected, when us force something to do against our will is a natural reaction of the person to invasion into its zone of comfort. In this world nothing is given us for nothing

Everything in this world has the price, it is necessary to pay for everything – and not obligatory in money. We pay in the time, attention, the relations, possibilities, nerves, health and other resources.

It the paradox also speaks: one people manage to make a lot of things during the life, others – it is much less. The matter is that the word "success" is formed from the word "be in time".

The successful person is able (manages) to find resources which are necessary for it but which it does not have at present (including time, money, forces, communications, etc.). Unsuccessful people cannot (are not able, do not want, do not manage) to do it.

Sometimes, to find money for something very important for the family, it is necessary to put a rigid framework priorities and to start to save money (or, at least, to optimize the main daily expenses). Sometimes to save simply silly – for example when you are on vacation. To consider each spent kopek is means at all to lose pleasure from rest.

Therefore I recommend to you to define the line of conduct in today’s economic circumstances and in advance to solve – in what cases you will save money (to demand a discount and to bargain), and in what situation you resignedly pay the demanded sum. Summarizing…

Fondly to believe that «the wizard» will arrive suddenly and at once will correct-will adjust everything around. And whether this wizard is necessary to us? Each of us already has everything that is necessary for break, for advance.

The exit is always! It is important to find forces to take the first step forward and firmly to adhere to the correct strategy.

Once, long ago, I entered some rules concerning the personal finance:

1. To save on trifles it is silly – it is necessary to look for to (demand) optimum cost only for the considerable, large expenditure.

2. If I want to spend more, I should earn more!

3. Some sources of the income relieve of need teeth to hold the work and introduce in life pleasant tranquillity and harmony.

P.S. Difficult instantly to change the habits. Begin with that level on which you now are, and smoothly, step by step rise by the following step.