In the history криптовалюты it is considered to be date of birth of the first on May 24, 2009 when Satusha Nakamoto’s Japanese published the article with idea криптовалюты, BitCoin called by it. What baizes from the history BitCoin became legends? Part 1

As now speak, most likely this name was a pseudonym of one or even groups of Japanese programmers. Though today you can find Nakamoto’s photo in the Internet, but whether really this personality exists in reality, we do not know.

Anyway, it is important that the idea was not patented and at once became property of all understanding in this case. After all World War I virtual monetary unit which is not subject to inflation actually was born. Behind it there is a future of financial life of the whole world.

Today it is difficult to us to estimate, as far as it is important for mankind life. The objective assessment of this global phenomenon will come over time, but already it is now clear that practical use of this idea in the future коснётся all without an exception!

Value of virtual currencies will be, obviously, in the next years to increase. And if to consider that the world financial system will be captured just about by the comprehensive crisis caused inflated to limit credit пузырём, a conclusion that, probably, already this autumn there will be an explosion of the prices for precious metals, and first of all on gold, looks quite plausibly.

In this situation paper money through which value define today the price for gold, become catastrophically инфлировать and growth of the price for gold can reach hundreds and even thousand dollars for gram! It is clear that then the virtual monetary unit not subject to inflation, becomes an ideal criterion for definition of the current price for gold.

Today биткойн even in adverse conditions when the world banking system tries to destroy it, achieved a certain stabilization. Its price fluctuates not so strongly, as before, in the beginning of its existence. Not casually биткойн sometimes call a gold standard.

It is necessary to tell that the price биткойна on start of its mining was not $0,1 for a coin, as usual now write. Very first биткойны were estimated by sellers at 1 cent and even below. Therefore the first thousand made (namaynenny) coins cost then absolutely cheaply.

Yes anybody practically did not sell them and did not buy. At that time it was rather such unusual game of the advanced programmers – намайнить to itself криптомонет. Everyone did it on the computer independently! Then to compare the purse to purses of the friends of programmers, at whom from them it more abruptly!

Therefore transactions where means of payment would be биткойны, instead of habitual paper notes, were certainly an exception to the rules. Here one of such stories, known is more than others.

The most expensive pizza in the history of our days. Most known of the first purchases for биткойны occurred almost in a year after the mining beginning биткойнов. The American programmer Laszlo Hanich bought in May, 2010 a pizza for 10 000 биткойнов.

To leave with namaynenny биткойнами to Hanich it was not a pity. He did not know then, what growth in the near future its coin wait. Would know – would not do it! And then Laszlo was quite happy with the transaction. The pizza with delivery was pleasant to it.

At the beginning of 2014 the price биткойна exceeded $1200 for a coin. Jump of the price occurred at the expense of the superincreased demand on биткойн. This condition could not proceed long. Balance observance between supply and demand quickly enough led to sharp reduction of price of one coin. «The soap bubble» burst!

However further, after the established alignment of demand offer, coin volatility sharply decreased and presently the price fluctuates at level of $230-250 for a coin. Unless it not grandiose success биткойна? Price growth not less, than in 3000 and more times!

We do not know, whether there was Laszlo Hanich over time the dollar millionaire, but today he could receive quietly for the биткойны, given once for a pizza, about two and a half million dollars. And in the maximum take-off of the price биткойна quite could become and the multimillionaire!

Continuation follows…