The Belarusian dranik from a culinary dish turned long ago into a national brand. Recipes of dranik do not have number, even in a set of many models of food processors there is a special disk «for dranik», Belarusians buy such equipment more willingly. But dranik – not the unique type of potato pies. Using ancient recipes of Belarusian cuisine, in villages of the Volozhinsky area prepare a simple and tasty fast dish – лапуны. How to prepare лапуны with a mushroom sauce? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Why, actually, лапуны, from where such name? Old residents explain its origin the phrase: «Вось налопаўся, so налопаўся», – which, leaving because of a table, the satisfaction with a meal peasants sometimes emphasize.

In itself лапуны – a dish simple. Only also it is necessary that to form and fry pies from mashed potatoes. But special taste to them is given by additions – sauces, or sauces as it is accepted to call them today.

To prepare лапуны with a mushroom sauce, on 5-6 potatoes ten – one and a half dry mushrooms, one carrot, two bulbs, pair of spoons of a flour, seasoning is required: thyme, basil, mint, melissa, garlic glove and salt, little vegetable oil.

As лапуны with a mushroom sauce, preparation of a dish begins with mushrooms. Dry mushrooms wash up cold water, fill in with boiled water and insist minutes 10 during which time for nothing do not lose, and wash, clean and put to cook a potato. Notice feature of the recipe – a potato yet do not salt.

The best mushroom for preparation – white, or a boletus. Even in the dried-up look it keeps the noble whiteness. By white dried mushrooms peasants tried and try to be reserved for the winter. However everything depends by nature. Instead of white, and is more often – together with them, dry aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms and mossiness mushrooms. For a mushroom sauce they are quite suitable.

The mushrooms which have gathered moisture boil during about half an hour. It is the first preliminary cooking, which is necessary to expel from mushrooms bitterness as explain hostesses. After cooking from mushrooms merge water, once again wash out them cold water, again fill in with boiled water and send in the furnace repeatedly.

Such scrupulous relation to mushrooms is characteristic for Belarusians. Nevertheless mushrooms – potentially dangerous products. Any mushrooms including fresh, before preparation we got used to boil previously and only then to fry, add in mushroom soup or to salt. On this background personally I long could not reconcile to that "store" field mushrooms sometimes cut in salad the absolutely crude.

While mushrooms cook, clean carrot. Large carrots of saturated color will give to a mushroom sauce a golden shade and special taste. It is considered that carrots clear mushrooms and delete from them, absorbing, harmful substances. Therefore the carrot cut half-and-half add in a mushroom broth during cooking, but carrots on a table do not get, it do not eat. Together with carrots into boiling mushrooms throw the whole bulb cleared, but not the reasonable. It on readiness also clean from a sauce.

When carrot and onions will reach semi-readiness, a mushroom broth remove from fire to add in it seasonings which grow «at прыродзе on гародзе». It is a little – leaflets and thyme florets, the whole not pounded basil, a melissa and garden mint. Kastryulka with mushrooms after that return on fire.

Now there comes turn of a thickener for a sauce. A flour spoon «з kaptury» (with top) and salt to taste plant with warm water, add small cut garlic glove, mix and pour out in a boiling broth.

The potato and mushrooms boil, time goes, the hostess should hurry up. There comes turn of a zazharka for mashed potatoes. For it small cut a bulb and slightly roast in vegetable oil.

Kastryulka with ready boiled potatoes get from the furnace, merge water, a potato salt, pound, add a zazharka and properly mix. From received "dough" hands form oblong or round pies-oladushki and обваливают them in a flour.

Prepared лапуны it is accurate, they not so strong, spread on a hot frying pan and fry from two parties in vegetable oil before formation of an attractive golden crust.

To mushrooms and a sauce лапуны incorporate in a plate, before giving on a table. Fine addition to a dish – a usual pickle.

Bon appetit!
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