In life there is everyone: both pleasant, and unexpected. Not to think, where urgently to get money for "suppression" of sudden everyday fires, I recommend to you to reflect on creation own, personal, "Ministry of Emergency Situations fund". Financial literacy. Why personal Ministry of Emergency Situations fund is necessary?

It is created on a case so-called «cash gaps» – when money is urgently necessary to you, but physically they are not present right now available. Let’s say about day of receiving a salary still far, and money needs to be found urgently (on a campaign to the stomatologist, on car repair, on purchase of theater tickets, a gift, etc.).

Options, of course, are always:

1. To take away money from the deposit in the bank which deadline did not come yet – that means for you unpleasant loss of the added percent.

2. To take the micro credit (according to the card, the consumer credit) – too not the best exit since involves payment of the commissions and the increased percent.

3. It is possible to try to borrow from the family – but during our crisis time not all will have spare cash.

Therefore I recommend to you to bring one more section in structure of the «financial pillow» – so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations fund" – means for contingencies.

Existence of similar fund for emergency situations will allow you not to refuse from planned before plans and the made investments. To hold fund it is better in a cash look or on the bank account (on the card) which allows to draw out money without loss of percent. For whom "Ministry of Emergency Situations fund" is obligatory?

Somehow imperceptibly the credits entered into life of the majority of us. Statistically, every second family has the outstanding credit.

There was the whole generation of "debtors" which tens years lives as a loan at banks. Lives beautifully and comfortably, without reflecting on the future. Changed not only that every second of us became a debtor. Life of the ordinary person – under the influence of the irreversible changes occurring in the world changed as a whole.

Strongly life rules, including in the sphere of personal finance exchanged, I will designate only some of them:

1. Any more there will be no one company employer on all life (work change – now is absolutely normally perceived each two-three years rather, even on the contrary – if you long sit on one place, it can be treated, how an indicator of your incompetence, lack of initiative, etc.).

2. Did not remain the reliable companies – even to a floor – the state monsters, such as "Gazprom" and Sberbank, because of crisis reduce number of the employees.

3. Pension reform – not the fact that at you will be good pension. The majority of people long time got "gray" wages that at calculations it will very strongly be reflected in the size of pension. Age of a retirement, for certain, will increase. For us it means that ourselves should finance the life on pension.

4. There are no the assets which are constantly growing in the price (earlier the real estate was considered as such constantly rising in price asset, but also it now is on sale with discount 20 %).

Therefore it is necessary to generation of "debtors" oh as it is unsweetened. Because, when you live only in the afternoon, any sharp change of external circumstances (in economy, career, etc.) leads negative events to the extremely painful loss of a habitual standard of living.

Protect today the tomorrow’s financial future. Create the future which you deserve! How it to make?

We remember bases of financial literacy. Each person (and at each family) has so-called «hidden money». That them to find, it is necessary to "dig" slightly more deeply, than you dig usually.

The matter is that your financial difficulties arose not from scratch – you dug to yourselves «a financial hole» for many years. You "were dug" too deeply, you got stuck over head and ears, and every day your financial position becomes more and more menacing.

Therefore the only way to solve problems – to change the relations with money. Change the priorities at expenditure of money – only it is capable to rescue you and to help you to get out of a hole which you so persistently dug all the life.