At your bank selected the license. Whether will return you the money placed on a contribution in this bank? Do not worry, to worry already late! You have two weeks to choose more reliable bank. What to do, if your bank was deprived by licenses?

The central bank of Russia quite rhythmically withdraws licenses at banks which it is malicious do not observe its requirement. It does it, first of all, with a view of protection of interests of investors, and also for maintenance of stability of all monetary system of the country.

Whether it is necessary to you to worry about it? To worry already, at least, late because with the fact of revocation of license you cannot make anything. If you listened to a professional advice and reasonably kept on a contribution in bank the sum no more than 1 million 400 thousand rubles (including run percent on the deposit), in two weeks to you will return all your money.

The state corporation «Agency on insurance of deposits» will be engaged in it. Money will return not only to individuals, but also individual businessmen (behind some exceptions).

Nuances of a refund:

1. The deposits opened in currency, will be counted in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank at date of revocation of license.

2. What will be, if on the deposit at you the sum more than 1,4 million rubles lay? Here you should worry enough, because there are no guarantees that to you they will return to integrities and safety. Procedure of competitive production will be started, or sale of all property of the bank which is available for it at the moment of revocation of license, in other words, will be made. As a rule, the money obtained from sale for all victims will not suffice.

3. Also pay attention that money does not get under action of the state system of insurance of deposits:

– lying on the depersonalized metal accounts;
– transferred to bank in trust management;
– deposits (and savings certificates) to bearer;
– and some more very specific types of placement of money.

Very few people knows about these exceptions, and the staff of banks often does not inform on it is I tell it on the basis of the experience of opening of compulsory health insurance.

Your actions:

1. Watch information of Agency on insurance of deposits – it is entrusted to what bank to pay to (return) to you money.

2. Take the passport and in two weeks go to this bank behind the savings.

On the future:

1. Choose the reliable banks entering into system of insurance of deposits. To check, whether this or that bank enters into system of insurance of deposits, it is possible on a site of the Central Bank of Russia ( or Agencies on insurance of deposits (

2. Do not chase high percent, «long ruble» and easy money!

3. Raise level of the financial literacy.

Whether it is necessary to return the credit taken by you from bank, deprived of the license? Yes, it is necessary. Your obligations on repayment of the received credit do not disappear at the moment of bank "disappearance".

The temporary administration of bank to which passes an operational management bank, will provide you requisites for transfer of percent on the taken credit and then will inform, to whom passed the rights of the requirement for your credit.