Each family is a small state. It is extremely important to leaders of the state to calculate truly the resources, possibilities and forces on development of the state (family). In hard times it is necessary to optimize the expenses in an emergency order and to maximize the income. How it is correctly to make it? Family finance. What to do in hard times?
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To understand regularities of movement of financial streams in separately taken family well the following analogy helps.

Each family is a small state: with the citizens (which should feed, dress, bring up, to be entertained and protected from a various hardship); with the budget and articles of the income expenses; with the ambitions, plans of development arrangement of the occupied territory; etc.

Agree, for the solution of such global tasks the corresponding knowledge, and the most important – practical experience of application of this knowledge are necessary. It is extremely important to adapt theoretical, academic, i.e. received of books and from other people, knowledge for the individual situation (which it is unlike a financial situation in other families). What to do in hard times?

For achievement of a condition of stable financial wellbeing each family should understand, how to it:

1) or to live according to the available income;
2) or to earn by inquiries (on requirements).

I, as the expert on personal finance, am the hot supporter-propagandist-expert of combination of these both options because each of these two approaches has serious minuses restrictions.

The first thought which comes to people mind when they get to a difficult financial position, – on what to save to wait the sharpest phase of financial crisis. They try to stretch money available at them available for the greatest possible long term – means from again created sources of the income will not arrive yet or to "stretch" to the first salary on new work.

I recommend to you to concentrate on economy at expenditure of the money only in two cases, namely – it is necessary to save:

1) on the largest articles of the family expenses (for example, when purchasing food of long storage);

2) on constant articles of the family expenses (for example, a fare). Important!

To save on small things it is not meaningful is will lead only to infringement of your pride, but will not give the chance to you to save-keep in the purse any essential sums.

For those who wants to receive the maximum advantage for the state (family) budget, I prepared three homeworks:

1. Define, what items of expenditure of your family are the largest or regular and constant.

2. Solve, how you will optimize these expenses (for example, it is possible to buy the monthly subscription on journey on public transport to receive in shop a discount card, etc.).

3. The money received as a result of carried-out optimization of expenses, do not spend, and put on the separate – specially open for this purpose – the bank deposit.

I promise you – you very strongly are surprised, having seen in the year, what sum to you it was possible to optimize – so to earn, carrying out these simple recommendations.

P.S. The best time something to begin – yesterday or today. For tomorrow does not exist!