You not the professional photographer, your equipment for photographing possesses technical characteristics of a house slipper, and skills of the subject photo come to naught to naught? We will not manage to make you the finalist of prestigious photoawards, but, at some share of desire and patience, you can share with pride of the photos in social networks, adequately illustrate the articles and declare the works on creative photocompetitions for ordinary users of the Network. How it is beautiful to photograph a subject even on a slipper?
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It is the main complexity trapping at amateur shootings of subjects. Interesting and nice things leave gray and smeared simply because acted in film at evening room lighting. Bright uniform light adds one hundred points to any photo. It is possible to equip a special place for photographings, to supply it with searchlights and every time them to expose. And it is possible to arrive more simply – to wait mornings and to remove a subject at natural lighting. Under direct sunshine it is better not to remove, midday solar time, most likely, it is necessary to exclude. And here morning and early evening, and also the sky tightened by clouds will give an accurate picture with pure natural colors. Experiment with shooting within several days – after their expiration you will precisely know, what time and light of the best of everything are suitable for your house or the apartment.

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At a daylight also shooting of small subjects not bad is possible. Location and background

What will be visible in your photo besides, what you really want to show? The scattered toys and clothes of your kid, you brag of whose first hand-made article? Dirty ware and the spots which have appeared in the course of birth of a culinary masterpiece? A working disorder on a table behind which you created surprising amateur work? At the beginning pair of sheets of a Whatman paper or exactly painted cardboard of a pleasant shade will rectify situation – when shooting small and average subjects they will create a neutral equal background.

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Are keen and want to develop in registration of the ideas? At your order shops with the goods for repair and a decor. To you – straight in department with production remains. Scraps of the tile, interesting plastic and wooden panels, the textiles, attractive interior wall-paper in the minimum quantities will manage very cheaply and will allow to create infinite number of combinations. At unwillingness to spend spare cash and good communication skills it is possible to agree with the staff of such shops and about free (or for a chocolate) delivery of scraps which by means of your imagination and the simple chamber on the mobile will turn into worthy backgrounds for photographings. It is also possible to look for the subjects necessary to you in donation or exchange communities.

Nature! Certainly, we do not forget and about it! The equal green grass, yellow autumn leaves or even pure fresh snow become a background not demanding additions when photographing. It would be desirable a variety? Old country steps or a table in an arbor, the tumbled-down tree or a large stone become a lifesaver. Also be not afraid of the rough and made old invoices – they are capable to emphasize the main subject on a photo.

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Diana Karakulova’s photo

And here with what it is necessary to be careful – so it with spotty and dim backgrounds. Especially, if the main object of photographing in itself is bright and impressive. Here it is necessary to manage a monophonic and soft background. In process of experience acquisition you will see rather accurately situations in which strongly non-uniform background does not kill a photo, and only does it more interesting.

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Here example of my failure. Be a napkin under a saucer with a cup of coffee monophonic, represented on a photo would look much more advantageously. Accessories

It is possible to leave in a shot only the main heroes of photographing and to do it excellent. But if it would be desirable advance, it is time to start experiments with accessories. For example, the culinary specialists who have become skilled in amateur fud-shooting know that the effective ware, interesting cloths and napkins, photogenic components of a dish (for example, fresh apple near a ready charlotte) give charm to photos even the simplest dishes. My own favourites – small fruit, flowers and leaves, камени, small knickknacks in ethno – style, the photo and cards.

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Wanted to brag to girlfriends of a cosmetic novelty with characteristic grassy aroma. But it is simple to photograph samplers it is boring. The floristic card and a branch went to a course from a bouquet. Foreshortening and framing

Some subjects differently, than in a prone position, you will not remove. But in cases when it is possible, it is better to leave some space between a subject and a background. Simply remove object of shootings from a wall (if it is) on 5–10 centimeters.

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If the bagatelle which remove, possesses not the best stability, simply plant it for the period of shooting on a bilateral adhesive tape.

Crop photos, cutting off the superfluous. This option is even in the simplest photoappendices on smartphones. If it is categorically inaccessible on the smartphone, it is possible to use the elementary photoeditors – for example, the free gimp version or free service Kollazhirovaniye

Often attempt to combine in one illustration thirty three subjects from sixty six foreshortenings is the evil. But sometimes this angrily justifiable also is meaningful (for example, if it is the semantic collage, which elements will lose the value if to publish them separate illustrations). Deeply inhale, estimate need of creation of a collage and if without it not to manage, already mentioned to you in the help. In it there are templates of collages for all tastes – from you it is required to choose only a template and to load into it the necessary number of photos.

How it is beautiful to photograph a subject even on a slipper?

I somehow time on one Internet site gave a cosmetics and costume jewellery set. And very much wanted to present both an overall picture, and details on one illustration. Association of my photos in a collage helped.


One more evil without which, sometimes, not to manage. Color filters can help a little in case you ignored the first point of article – about sufficient lighting. Sometimes with their help it is possible to emphasize a form of subjects or to add moods to photos. Only two services – instagram and much suffice to me. Online stor are however full of appendices with filters for all tastes. And the corresponding inquiry in the searcher will give out you mass of offers among which you will meet also those, the result of work in which completely will suit you.

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I simply very much would like to emphasize a grafichnost represented in the photo. And I applied the filter which almost has completely deprived a photo of bright paints.

And what secrets of amateur subject shooting are known by you? Share!