Viverrovye – probably, the most little-known family of group predatory. Thus long time it was in group and the most numerous while mongooses and сурикатов did not transfer from viverrovy to separate family – mangustovy. How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
The first and last production phase of coffee «Save Lyuvak» Leendertz, Wibowo Djatmiko,

The most characteristic representatives viverrovy are genets and циветты. Their external shape very bright and being remembered. Many of them look a certain hybrid marten with cat’s – have the flexible extended body, a long tail (at times there is not less than a length of a body) and a bright coloring with da’s spots strips.

Viverrovy Africa lives in subtropics and Asia, and the genet reached and the southwest of Europe. By the way, this small beautiful predator is easily tamed and in North Africa is used for protection against mice instead of a cat.

  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
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  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
    Nikolay Usik,
  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
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  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
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  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
  • How viverrovy make spirits and coffee?
    screen, Shot from m-f "Madagascar" (2005).

However the most great popularity of a genet and циветты used at perfumers and doctors. The matter is that at small animals under a tail the special perenialny gland, capable to allocate musk settles down. This musk the viverrovy mark the territory, and sometimes use against enemies, pouring over those, like a skunk, fetid liquid.

The raw musk, or as it call, цибет (цивет), really extremely вонюч, however after processing and cleaning becomes a fine fixer of perfumery aromas. Besides, цибету attribute also curative properties – a pier, it reduces a potootdeleniye, and the sexual feeling, on the contrary, raises.

In the X-th century BC bible tsar Solomon imported this product from Africa. Therefore "production" цибета quickly put on a stream (for example, in 1934 in Africa "extracted" 2457 kg of this substance). Extracted it so – small animals caught, locked in a cage then started the extremely sadistic procedure.

A.Bram «Life of animals»:
«For getting of this substance an animal strong adhere to cage rods, then fingers turn out a ferruterous bag and squeeze out fat, oily, its contents are similar to fat, then moisten a bag with coconut milk or milk of animals to calm the pain caused to the civet at expression».

After the invention artificial цибета viverrovy it became much easier, though here and there small animals continue to "milk". The natural product still is considered more qualitatively.

Except musk циветы "make" also a valuable grade… coffee. Yes, that expected and repellent way…

The matter is that the diet of the viverrovy is extremely wide – from small living creatures to fruits of trees. And here palm циветы (or мусанги) conceived a liking for coffee berries for the sake of which made continuous attacks on coffee plantations. First them from there drove, while to any courageous and not fastidious Indonesian did not come to mind to make drink from coffee grains, which… as though to tell… passed and left through a digestive path of a small animal. It turned out coffee so tasty that мусангов now began to catch specially and almost violently to fatten coffee berries.

It appears, special taste to grains is given by a fermentation to which they are exposed in a stomach of a small animal, and also цибет which adds the aroma on "exit". A new grade of drink called «Save лювак» (in Indonesian «Coffee мусанга») and in retail trade broke on it not sickly price – about 100 dollars for 100 grams.

Except various genets and цивет the family of the viverrovy includes two more exotic creations.

The first call бинтуронг. This black shaggy and very slow animal with brushes on ears and white moustaches – the largest representative of family. The length of his body reaches meter. Add to it a tail – same long moreover and hvatatelny (similar «the fifth paw» is not present at one animal of the Old World). For a massive constitution and a severe look бинтуронга nicknamed «a bear marten». Despite it, it is very slow, eats mainly fruit and is easily tamed.

The second unusual viverrovy is well familiar to everything who saw the Hollywood animated cartoon "Madagascar". When heroes of an animated cartoon arrived on this African island, I did not doubt that as the main local villain will act Foss. The matter is that on Madagascar there is no larger and spiteful predator, than it.

Foss – a being so original that zoologists thought in due time to carry it to family cat’s and changed the mind. This animal really something reminds a brown brawny cat with length of a body to 80 see. As well as the cat, Foss perfectly swarms up trees, and her paws are armed with vtyazhny claws. However, unlike cats, the Madagascar predator goes, leaning on all foot, аки a bear.

The reputation of the main villain of Madagascar of Foss confirms regularly, keeping in horror not only lemurs, but also locals at whom kills poultry and pigs (sometimes more than can eat).

A.Bram «Life of animals»:
«Natives, however, hate it with all the heart, but after all and terribly of a meeting with it are afraid. Traveler Pollen tells about it an amusing story. Tsudse, his servant – the hunter, met once to Foss which at his emergence exclaimed snorting surprise (ordinary it grumbles, almost as a dog). Instead of going on the hated enemy, the frightened hunter, trembling all over, threw a gun, got on a tree and remained there while the animal did not disappear in the next bushes.

Meanwhile natives are very delicious to meat фоссы and as required wishes to get it. Ordinary they beckon an animal on a live cock and from afar strike it with arrows or bullets».

In the sexual plan фоссы too are very original. First, couple they more than two hours can. Secondly, females have during maturing a strange phase when they become similar to males (for example, at them the clitoris) strongly increases.