Still the Shapoklyak said that it is impossible to become famous for good affairs. Be born it today, hardly would began to spend the life for such sad and useless "are malicious", as a purse derganye for a string, a kidaniye of a rubber ball in passersby and other nonsenses. If she did not know where to let out the aggression, would use the Internet. Because there for this purpose everything is. When the humanity has a rest, or it is impossible to become famous for good affairs?

From time to time it is better not to know news. No, it not ostrich’s policy, not a head instillation in sand, simply sometimes it is necessary to regret itself. Especially when own life, to put it mildly, not sugar also is about what to think at the long nights, a blank look hypnotizing darkness.

And what new it is possible to learn? In total as usual: cтрана fights for a place in the sun who plowed – plows, who stole – steals, "stars" are changed by old silicone bottoms for the new. In a word – скукота.

But there is information which, in my opinion, became too much recently. And it really strains. It is ostentatious inhuman cruelty of people. I do not understand, why mass media procrastinate details of punishments over people, place "exclusive" photos and video when it is possible to be limited to the report in the criminal chronicle: «Two made that. All found. Both in prison for life». Everything is extremely clear: crime and punishment rolled into one. What for pleasure to savor these subjects? Why to us know, what tools of murders are applied, how called the victim with whom the next pervert worked?

Sometimes it seems to me that someone specially lifts all that dirt which exists in society on a surface, and that pursues thus though any noble purposes is poorly believed. And what there can be purposes? To show, what in the country it is full of villains?

It for anybody not the secret also is a consequence of that once our country became too humane, rushed from one extreme to another and decided not to punish seriously even the most otjyavlenny morons raising a hand against old men and children. And still threw youth education, overthrew the former high purposes uniting people, and new did not offer. Yes there is a lot of that…

For the sake of the truth it is necessary to tell that упыри lived always, them caught and punished, the sensation rose seldom, but everyone at heart knew that them will catch and by all means will punish that law enforcement agencies work over it. And now the impression that they, упыри, behind each corner, including among law enforcement agencies is made. That all keep in bat luggage carriers, шерстят on another’s bags and break another’s houses.

Yes, educational programs, especially for elderly people, are necessary. Information on swindlers and schemes applied by them is necessary. But violence demonstration in the Network and on screens is very dangerous. First of all, because it causes sensation of fear. At the person the impression is made that, happen that, nobody will help it, all will pass by. Though it in most cases not so. People are still inclined to help each other and to intercede, I observed such more than once.

When the person is sure that nobody will come to the rescue of it, it and itself will not get on рожон once again, will pass by, having pretended that saw nothing. Our people in general can pretend that occurs nothing, or to show the cruelty, disproportionate to a crime, or on the contrary, mercy where it is inappropriate. To read comments to news enough to be convinced of it.

Ziguyushchiye teenagers, mental patients, the power having monsters, murderers, suicides and other «heroes of our time» climb in a brain directly from the screen, receiving thus to what aspired – a public response. As in the song it is sung, «start up it is known as the fool, but it is popular». While, it seems to me, glories deserve absolutely other people. I even a little bit started missing from time to time when in news was about plants, a sowing campaign and workers.

The charter together with others «хавать that give», I yearned on good news. About the ordinary people making the small feats every day, on letters writing true history of the country, creating, instead of destroying it. Such there is a lot of, much more, than villains.

Yes, I want to read about the surgeon who has performed unique operation, about the scientist who has opened something unusual, about the person, devoted the life to business useful to society, about those who refused, instead of picked up, about talented people whom, imagine, will still be born on the earth Russian. And me suggest to learn, how the teenage blunderer married the murderer of the parents.

What for the purposes pursue our mass media, why they feed us with slops as pigs?

I can be objected supposedly who disturbs you, the young lady to read the refined literature? There will be both the back, and his workers, and everything that you so love! But all the matter is that I read that other people read, million people, that is evident as soon as you turn on the computer.

If we want to "stir" civil society, believe, we do not need so much dirt. Enough real facts, for in civil society and so know what to deceive old men, to beat children and in general to scoff at someone – it is inadmissible. And civil society will begin to move itself when learns about the injustice fact, it should not be adjusted and shaken, for kind people have a scent on injustice.

Will begin to move the quicker, than more than not indifferent and courageous people in it will be. And ability to empathize another’s trouble and courage appear only when the person is sure that the world as a whole is kind and fair.

Therefore vypyachivany "domestic squabbles" which always was and will be, to good will not finish, for threatens belief in good.