It will be a question of the shops answering man’s inquiries in a subject of tourism, equipment, regimentals, hunting and fishing. Among a set of the Finnish shops there are special, about what know the few. About them also we will talk without any advertizing, and only for knowledge of the Russian tourists interested in unusual purchases. For the aid to the tourist shopaholic: what it is possible to buy in the Finnish shops of the special range?

In Russia, and in particular, in St. Petersburg, there are similar shops on the range, but nevertheless not such "opened", how in Finland. For example, neither a distribution network of "Voyentorg", nor similar to it, trading in tourist equipment, do not sell the goods which have been written off from storage of army or other federal services (intelligence services). In it their main difference from the Finnish.

In the Finnish shops on Era-Aitta example that affects in Imatra Tuomaankuja, 4, sale not only the "written-off" military skis and other equipment of the Finnish huntsmen, but also covers, holsters is open for guns, their parts, regimentals of soldiers of different armies of the world, radio stations, uniform and footwear elements, and in the center of a trading floor even the Maxim system machine gun is established. Still a year ago before an entrance there was a small Finnish infantry gun which too could be got, and this possibility as it appeared, interested persons did not neglect.

Wall racks decorate the rifles exposed on sale with remote military units, get which all wishing can. For this purpose it is not required special permission.

Hunting and fighting knifes and other cold weapon it is presented here on show-windows near cash desk. The seller with pleasure will sell to you and these goods. Difficulties can arise at Russians in the subsequent. Let’s disassemble them.

So, if you got a fighting bayonet knife of any American rifle, to store or carry it in the territory of Finland it is impossible. If to neglect this rule, there will come the responsibility established by the Finnish law. Even more serious responsibility will come, if attempt of export of such goods through border both on Finnish, and at Russian customs opens. Will not rescue even that you have the hunting ticket in Russia and are entered in the uniform register of hunters and permission to storage and the carrying of the weapon which has been given out by department of license and allowing work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. For legal export of such goods it is necessary also permission of the Finnish police. And for receiving the last strong reasons are necessary.

Also it is impossible to transport through border from Finland to Russia and back some elements of uniform regimentals. Though, as I already noted above, in this shop there are no restrictions on sale of the described goods. For example, the customs "will not give OK" to export of a jacket of the Finnish boundary guard – Rajavartiolaitos, and the police will not allow, that you put on this subject of uniform regimentals territories of the country.

The main defining difference of that "is possible", and that, «that is impossible» касаемо elements of clothes of army, police, and other services, existence of stripes and emblems on uniform is boundary. If them to remove, in principle, to wear such "uniform" it is possible and in the territory of the country, and to you will not begin to obstruct in its export. Especially, if you take care of «the commodity check», attached to the cash voucher issued by the seller to confirm a place and purchase time. In a reality complexity that some stripes are well sewn to uniform and to tear off them means a lot of work, especially, when for this purpose there are neither conditions, nor time: it is possible to spoil clothes. So, stripes define a form. Without stripes and emblems is usual, available to free carrying to everyone clothes subject.

In Finland very much appreciate reputation, and do not love those who its to itself(himself) spoiled. That who wishes to remain the legislative person before the Finnish rules, and except other here is on what to pay attention.

New Finnish flags of the big size, underwear, including warm, flight helmets with a genuine leather and fur, excellent winter mittens, boots, sheepskin sheepskin coats, first-aid kits, compact sets for a shoe-polish, army ware and souvenirs it is far not the full list of that you in exchange for money can take out for doors of this Russian buyer of shop unusual to measures. In comparison with the prices of almost similar range in Russia, and also in comparison with the prices in other shops of Finland, the goods (for example, the Finnish flags) here stand absolutely cheaply. And a variety of the range, such as the Swedish warmed uniform, the Finnish police jackets and ammunition and another, will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced taste.

With this note the interested persons visiting Finland, can learn about features of the country and trade in the army and police goods slightly more, and having personally checked the range of shop, to be convinced of necessity of such outlet. Or it is simple to reflect once again on degree of trust of the power to law-abiding citizens in Finland.