Each girl in the life faces the moment when there is an acquaintance to parents of her darling. But quite often it happens so that instead of rejoicing to this event, the girl tests a panic or strong excitement. Her starts to disturb, whether it will be pleasant to his parents, what impression on them will make? How to be pleasant to parents of the groom?

In spite of the fact that each girl wants to get acquainted with parents of darling, directly ahead of acquaintance it would like to postpone this event. What it is necessary to make, that your acquaintance to parents of the guy passed most positively?

First of all, it is not necessary to think that parents of your guy considerably differ from your parents. You grew in different families, with different family way. His parents from the threshold will not snatch on you therefore it is not necessary to worry, treat it as to acquaintance to new people. It not examination, and nobody to you will put balls through passage.

Many think that appearance of the person has no value. But in reality it appears in a different way, the first impression develops on the basis of appearance. It is important not to try to please parents, and to be oneself. However, it is necessary to choose more reserved clothes, but that in which it will be convenient to you. It is possible to make also not striking make-up and an accurate hairdress.

It is not necessary to behave somehow in a special way only to please his parents, after all you will unnaturally look, can, even is ridiculous. It is important, that you were in comfortable situation then another near you it will be comfortable. Do not try to make impression flattery.

If you have piercing or a tattoo, during acquaintance it is better not to show it, after all parents represent other generation and can negatively treat it. In life it is already repeatedly proved that if at parents the positive first impression about the girl will be created, in the subsequent no tattoo can change it.

It is important to remember that you came on a visit therefore there is no sense and need at once to hurry to lay the table or help on kitchen. During acquaintance it is enough to praise all dishes, it is possible even to ask, as them to prepare. Thus you prove the good hostess and will make pleasantly it to mother the attention. Also remember that many women do not love if in kitchen there is an extraneous person, especially when speech comes about the unfamiliar woman. More pertinently to offer the help on table cleaning.

It is not necessary to learn answers to possible questions previously. It is clear that to answer questions it is necessary, after all any parent worries for destiny of the child. It is best of all to talk on neutral subjects that it was simpler to study his parents and to find a common language.

During the first acquaintance it is important to remember one important rule: it is not necessary to try to be pleasant by all means, important to remain natural. The main thing that you were pleasant to the guy. If he made the decision to acquaint you with the parents, means, he made a choice in your advantage.