There are such moments in life when the person suddenly understands that it does not arrange both that, and another, and the third. Starting to analyze a situation, comes to a conclusion that there came crisis. To deal with, how to endure crisis, it is necessary to understand for a start, what such crisis? How to endure crisis?

Crisis (psychological) is a condition at which further functioning of the individual within former model of behavior even if it entirely suited this individual is impossible. These are crises of a psychological condition of people which are shown in stresses, fears, feeling of uncertainty etc.

That is upon it turns out that that system of behavior (relations) which was earlier any more does not arrange.

а) the person in one place worked, everything was pleasant, and suddenly it ceased to be pleasant. Everything began to irritate. The person starts to see one shortcomings on work. The chief – malicious, employees – conspirators, cleaners – and those quietly let’s work.
б) there lived together two persons, everything suited them. And then there comes the moment when on eyes one shortcomings come across! Goes not so, speaks not so, thinks not and even breathes not so.
в) before veins, all it seemed normal. Both house, and work, both friends and family. And now all this irritates, causes only sad thoughts. Still it would not be desirable to live any more, it would be desirable to communicate too differently.

These three examples say that at the person there came crisis.

More often to crisis leads a high voltage on work (houses, with friends). There is this condition, and then it seems that it is impossible to solve all problems which suddenly at once pulled hard. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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It is necessary to consider additional features which could promote crisis development, for example: divorce, death of the loved one, age crisis (teenage, average) and so on.

If the person himself defines, what emotion prevails at the moment of crisis, and can follow recommendations, recovery from the crisis will follow quicker.

Often for recovery from the crisis can stir stereotypes. For example, it is difficult to majority of men to share the problems and especially to ask about the help. After all often society does not approve, and sometimes and condemns such behavior at men. Therefore it is important to men to learn to work with a crisis situation inside, thus, without forgetting that, keeping tension only in itself, it is possible to deepen a crisis situation. Or, having overcome stereotype, to address to the professional.

What feelings arise during crisis? What to do with the arisen feelings?

1. The feeling of loneliness appears at women more often, though at men happens. More often, testing loneliness, the woman becomes reserved that leads to even bigger feeling of loneliness and promotes crisis development.
It is recommended – to increase communication volume!
After all increasing communication, all the same the person will try to solve the problem (to find recovery from the crisis). In an ideal, the qualified communication with the psychologist, helps with usual life – friends, forums, Internet communities. The main thing that there was no desire to receive only one sympathy (pity), and was aspiration to find a way out from current situation.

2. Depression. If during crisis there was a depression as the main emotion, there are following conditions: it turns out nothing, it would be desirable nothing, I can nothing.
At such moments of people stays idle more often, being in a waiting mode – everything should pass in itself.
It is recommended – to give itself some time for rest (tension removal – massage, meditations, work with the psychologist) and then to include will, to analyze a situation! The analysis will lead to internal work that will surely lead to the solution of the collected problems which created crisis.

3. Aggression. After emergence of a rage, hatred sense of guilt for the acts at the moment of aggression can come that more often crisis aggravates.

It is recommended – to learn to remove aggressive behavior. It, as well as in a case with a depression, is promoted by massage sessions, work with the psychologist, to meditation. Sometimes happens it is useful to be alone (but, without allowing feeling of loneliness (!) namely for the purpose of high-grade rest and possibility of reassessment of the internal values).

Also during the moments of crisis replacement of negative emotions on positive is recommended. Often well (but it is not always possible) to realize the appeared desire of replacement – to replace bad emotion with the good.
It is possible to listen to music, to read books, to watch movies which will surely lead to strengthening of positive emotions (smekhoterapiya). Good possibility of replacement of one emotion on another: discos, computer games, meetings with friends.

After dominating feelings are defined and eliminated, it is necessary to return to problems which initially led to crisis. In that case there will be various exits from the developed crisis. Possibilities which at the moment of an aggravation of crisis were not visible will be visible.

If crisis came in work: to analyse – what exactly does not arrange and how it to change?
If crisis in life: again the analysis, reassessment of values, and a question «how to change what does not arrange»?
If crisis in a family: here it is impossible to solve a problem alone. It is possible only in common. It is necessary to understand, what exactly does not suit each of members of the family and how it can be corrected? What is everyone ready to make for situation improvement? To make the decision at level of the understanding, what contribution is capable to make everyone.]