Investments – business hazardous, attracting and unclear. My council: before starting to look for, where to invest the money, create so-called «infrastructure of the investor». She will help you to enjoy investment process, instead of to become his slave. How to force to work the money? Infrastructure of the investor

Let’s say you learned that it is possible to earn well on something. Any earnings mean, first, risk of loss of the enclosed money, secondly, any restriction on terms of their return to you (for example, you bought housing apartment under construction and plan it to sell at higher price in half a year-year). Thus, you potentially can remain in general without money if there will be any force-majeur, and all money available for you you проинвестировали. Infrastructure of the investor

The infrastructure of the investor means that at you is:

• a stock of money for contingencies (at a rate of, at least, 3-6 today’s salaries);
• a certain sum of money which can be pulled out and enclosed instantly in a good investment;
• time for commission of the considered, weighed investments;
• the worked criteria of decision-making on an entrance exit from investments;
• experts with whom you can operatively consult;
•, etc.

All charm of similar infrastructure of the investor consists that you can start to create it gradual beforehand – before you had indecently large sums for serious investments. Define the purpose of an investment of money

Each thing has the mission according to which it is used. Agree, silly to hammer nails a microscope, after all the hammer is for this purpose thought up.

In the same way and with investments – in the beginning precisely define the purpose from which you invest the money. This purpose surely write down – in writing fix, that was from what to make a start at acceptance of a final decision about a choice of this or that type of a financial instrument.

Under the different purposes use different tools. Remember: at all do not keep all the money in one type of assets.

As option, depending on that, how soon money will be necessary for you, divide the accumulation-savings-capitals on:

Money which can be necessary for you suddenly, at any time.

Money which you collect on large purchase (on a sofa, the car, the apartment, the yacht, etc.).

Money which will be necessary for you to a certain term (holiday, training of children, gifts for holidays, round-the-world travel etc.).

Money on which you will live on pension.

Check – whether you understand, with which purpose you invest the money? Write down the purposes (them can be a little, but for a start will be enough and one). Some councils:

1. Practice and only the practician (your real actions) will give you all necessary knowledge and skills.

2. Start to form the financial future as soon as possible, from the most minimum sums – financially provided people began the way with "zero" and even from deep "minus".

3. The simplest way to force the money to work is to put them under percent in bank.

4. Be very accurate with the money, remember that 95 % of beginners actively to trade lose all the money. Any trading – i.e. active trading operations with actions, currencies, FOREX etc.,–is the extremely high-risky type of investments. The exchange reminds a casino – it always remains in a prize.

5. Be not afraid to be mistaken is an inevitable and necessary part of our way to financial wellbeing.