Amazonas is the whole world isolated from a civilization. How to make stay in the jungle comfortable and unforgettable? Councils on the correct equipment and expedition program. And answer to the main issue: how to decide on this adventure? How to organize to itself an adventure in the jungle of Amazon? 2. In the jungle
Survival course. In a liana – a sweet cabbage stump. Natalia Gulchevskaya, Igor Antarov, personal archive

In the first part we discussed, as it is possible to reach budgetary the jungle, to get round and to provide the financial safety. In the second part we will concern already contents of the program. Step 4. Equipment

The you will take less superfluous things in travel, the it will be more pleasant for you. Convenient easy backpack, of course, more preferable, than suitcase.

Long trousers will surely be necessary for you, it is better special marching, quickly drying. Second trousers, or shorts. The shirt with long sleeves, and is even better and with a hood that on narrow footpaths nobody crept for a collar. Three-four pairs long socks. Footwear – any in which it is convenient to you to go. It is required only in the city. In Lodge you will be surely given out rubber boots, to go to the jungle it is possible only in them. Thin slates will be useful.

  • How to organize to itself an adventure in the jungle of Amazon? 2. In the jungle
    Natalia Gulchevskaya, Igor Antarov, personal archive
  • How to organize to itself an adventure in the jungle of Amazon? 2. In the jungle
    Natalia Gulchevskaya, Igor Antarov, personal archive

Council: if you fly to the jungle in the winter, do not drag with yourself boots. Buy qualitative thermosocks better, two pairs – thin and thick are possible, and put on them with easy sneakers. It will be enough to reach the plane. The same with outer clothing. The easy superthin down-padded coat which develops in a small small pillow, and флиска is ideal. Important so to pick up all clothes that you could put on it at the same time layers.

For the head the hat with fields is recommended, and still personally I very much recommend thin бафф. It also will protect your hair from uninvited visitors, and will save up from the sun and from cold, and will replace to you points for a dream in the plane. Step 5. Arrival

So, you executed all necessary preparation and safely landed in the chosen country. If you did not agree right there to meet the representative of the company, approach to an official rack of a taxi and show to the manager the address of the reserved hotel.

Do not save on transport – even the most expensive taxi in the Latina in times is cheaper Russian and European and thus directly provides your safety (and here speech not so much about road accident, how many about safety of your things). Do not think that I intimidate you. Simply elementary safety rules will keep to you confidence and pleasant impressions of a trip.

If prior to the beginning of round in Lodge you have some days – surely поисследуйте sights. In Latin America there is a lot of surprising! What exactly costs your attention in a concrete place – read at forums or simply come into local excursion bureau.

Souvenirs, of course, are better for buying on the way back home – after all in the jungle to you everything should be carried on itself moreover it is possible and under tropical heavy rain. Step 6. The program in the jungle

And here, at last, long-awaited meeting with the green world. Once again discuss with the guide the program of your aktivnost. Do not hesitate to ask about additional options. For example, in our program there were no shamans, and I heard a mention of it in conversation of the next group. And (from all group) we received 20 dollars for a small additional payment the most interesting excursion to the local real shaman herbalist, looked at his kitchen garden of miracle plants, tasted some useful medicines, and even ordered a session of treatment of a back.

Traditionally in round some sorties enter into the real jungle day and night, research on a canoe of the flooded wood (and it here almost everywhere is flooded) and supervision over birds, caymans.

We agreed previously about carrying out a course of a survival, it was not in standard round. Our guide – the surprising person, the radical Indian, the professional conductor who prepared the American and Russian special troops, for two days shipped us in the real world of the jungle, thus carefully protecting our health and lives. We with own hand set up camp in the center of the jungle, having chosen a dry place on the high river bank.

Yako and Freddie (so called our Indian conductors) showed, how it is possible to make a rope for hammocks of a bark of the trees growing right there, what trees can be touched, and what – by no means. How to make a roof of palm leaves. How to find pure drinking water (it appears, special lianas as the huge live pipeline, bear the filtered rain water suitable for drink). We learned to catch on self-made fishing tackles at first a small small fish, then on it – piranhas and barracudas, to prepare them on a fire (it is surprisingly tasty!). And even to build three types of traps for small animals completely from improvised materials. Certainly, we humanely disassembled these traps after tests but if suddenly it is necessary to survive really – these skills will be useful to us!

The main council – be curious! Ask everything that you interested. Actively try any experience, do not sit aside while to you will bring all ready. Then you will see respect and interest from Indians, and to you will open still the whole layer of knowledge. We were convinced of it on ourselves. End

So, we will sum up. To organize to itself unforgettable travel, it is necessary for you: first of all, desire it to make – then resources will be. From resources – the starting capital from 2000 dollars (it is quite commensurable at cost with beach round). Basic knowledge of English and Spanish are desirable, but are not obligatory, the sign language and schemes on paper will help you to agree about everything. It is desirable, but also it is not obligatory, the small company of friends or fellow travelers, or simply partner (then you can unite your resources and receive discounts).

And the final answer to a question – how to decide on all this? Can use our tested reception. Present that through much very a lot of years you tell to the great-grandsons story of the surprising life. Whether you will regret what there was no story about your adventures in the Amazonian jungle?