«All! From tomorrow … is not present, it is better since Monday, I begin new life!» How many such "Mondays" passed, and "things are right where they started". To change life there is a sense only when you precisely understand where to go, and the main thing, why it want. Besides, to receive new life, it is necessary to make new actions. How to begin new life? Seven steps to happy changes
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Pay attention: the main thing – actions! Your thoughts on, reflections, will give nothing the psychoanalyst. The world sees the stout, ugly person who eats at night, instead of that the tenth year intends to grow thin; he sees the person, which загаживает the barchelor apartment, instead of his dreams of family happiness. You can extol the ingenious abilities, argue on success, the happiness, but your way of life will tell about you much more eloquently.

Thoughts on that in life there is something not that, usually come in connection with discontent in its any separate area. But if to the intentions, for example to "grow thin" or «to earn a lot of money», you put former yourselves, the enthusiasm will fall down soon and you continue to float in the former direction.

Successful treatment assumes a comprehensive approach. And in life: if want to grow thin, improve financial position, to rise on a career ladder or to make a family, it is necessary to approach to it as a group with all sides of your personality.

Begin the new life with the following seven councils:

1. Define the direction. Think, what you see the new life. Register your purposes on five segments:

– personal relations;
– business, career, фриланс;
– finance;
– health;
– personal growth, training.

In each direction write down, at least, one purpose. It should be clear and measurable. Watch, that among your personal desires «dreams of your parents», «rechyovka of producers», «appeals of statesmen» etc. were not got.

2. Form a positive spirit. Crack a window or go out of doors. Lift hands up, look at the sun and tell so many time, how many will consider the necessary: «Today the best day in my life!» Experience inflow of heat, pleasure, positive energy. Do it daily.

3. Be dispersed. Every morning arrange 20-minute jogs. If you have no corresponding preparation, begin «morning twenty minutes» with 3-minute walking, then alternate run and walking each 30 seconds. Watch pulse. It should not exceed 120-150 blows in a minute. Remember, your purpose – to sweat, sate fabrics with oxygen, but not to choke. From second week can increase time of jog for 5-10 minutes. Over time you will find for yourselves the most optimum time. Do not forget about a contrast shower and douche.

4. Drink water. If you long time of a fir-tree «unhealthy food» also forgot taste of simple water, your organism strongly «зашлакован». To accelerate a metabolism and to be cleared of "garbage" to you the same simple pure water will help. Drink daily sufficient quantity of water for your weight (physicians recommend to count it so: 30 ml of water on 1 kg of your weight if there are no medical contra-indications). It is better, if it is thawed snow. It is possible to prepare it in house conditions. Drink in the morning, till a breakfast, 2 glasses of water, then each hour on 1 glass. Very soon you will see, literally, «the result is available». Your skin will finish, appearance will improve. Besides you will feel cerebration improvement, will get rid of migraines, problems with pressure, slackness will disappear.

5. Thank itself. The majority of people got used to thank everybody, only not itself. Start to develop a new habit. Put the opened palm to itself on a breast. It is very good, if between your body and a palm there will be no extraneous subjects (clothes, ornaments). Close eyes, remember a situation where you were pleasant to yourselves, stroke yourself and send a love and gratitude stream. Tell to the body of thanks for everything that it does for you. Look for words which for you will be closest, clear and will inspire on further transformations.

6. Every day take a step to the purposes. Let it will be modest and while low-notable, but it will allow you to keep belief in future success. Your task – constantly to move, show unconscious, the Universe, to itself that your plans it is not simple the imagination, and you are really ready to change … already change!

7. Filter information. The habit to passive retraction in that for you extraneous people picked up, results in laziness, a depression and obesity. The problem of mass media – to take from you experiences. Negative emotions on the force are much more powerful than the positive. Thus, you become "receiver" of dirt, pain, the sufferings collected from all over the world. It does not allow you to relax and look at life with optimism. Clean the TV, limit time of stay in social networks, to a thicket leave on the nature, walk, communicate with kind, cheerful people.

By means of such simple councils you can successfully begin updating. But be ready that your organism will apprehend not at once changes. On really to try out taste of new life, you need, at least, three weeks. During this period your realized relation to the events will be important. Try to keep as much as possible a positive spirit, fill life with pleasant events, to itself be especially attentive and friendly. Thank, support, love itself, and then happy changes will occur in your life even earlier, than you expect.