Beer – one of the most ancient alcoholic beverages. To initial recipes of its preparation ninety centuries. In ancient Mesopotamia were able to cook about seven tens grades of beer. How Englishmen cook and drink beer?

In Europe first beer cooked where because of too frigid climate there were no vineyards. In the Middle Ages it was considered as drink of commoners. Aristocrats preferred wines. Time substantially erased class distinctions, but still the order the visitor in the London bar of a portion of wine is perceived surrounding as a snobbery sign.

For production of beer, first of all, it is necessary to prepare malt, i.e. to let germinate grains of cereals, to dry them and to clear of sprouts. Beer cook from wheat and from millet, but more often from barley. Since the VIII century in drink began to add hop. At first Germans, then Dutches started to do it. Englishmen introduced an innovation one of the last.

Ready malt make small and mix with water. Then pump over in a tub where there is a division into not become tipsy mash and a pellet, i.e. the insoluble remains of barley. After addition of hop and other components a mash cook within an hour – two. During this time hop is completely dissolved, albumens drop out in a deposit on tub bottom, aromatic components which can adversely affect taste of beer, are evaporated.

Insoluble particles of barley and hop separate from the welded mash in a centrifuge – a hydrocyclone. The cleared liquid pump over in the barmy tank, cool and add beer yeast. A mix сбраживается within several weeks, and drink is ready. Beer filter and spill on barrels.

Where Englishmen would while away time in the XXI century, if not ancient Romans? They brought culture of pubs on the English earth. At first opened hundreds the wine benches trading at roads. And when were convinced that England – the country of rains, began to invite passersby in a room to drink behind little tables in heat. These benches became prototypes of the well-known English pubs. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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The word a pub occurs from reduced Public house, a public institution. So called the small taverns scattered on all country. To say the long phrase it is inconvenient, therefore still it was transformed to the Middle Ages in short a pub.

Waiters in pubs are not present. Instead of them the barman or a bartender, the reliable pilot in the alcohol sea. Beer grades – tens. Bottle beer from Europe and America not in honor. More often visitors for whom traditions above all, drank and drink ale. And not half liter circles, as across all Europe, and English pints that is slightly more than a half of liter.

Today, as well as one hundreds years ago, a pub not simply a place where come to drink. It is club on interests, a communication place. Today only in London 3800 pubs, each of which – the unique and original phenomenon. Here come to celebrate birthday or promotion. Here exchange news, make a declaration of love, gossip. Daily in English pubs about one million pints of beer is drunk.

For the Englishman the bottle of excellent wine never will replace circles of good beer. Prudish islanders are ready to argue justice of this thesis in literal sense furiously. What to do, tradition.]