The person can live without oxygen three minutes, without water – three days, and without bees – four years. The British scientists came to a conclusion that if the current trend to reduction of bee colonies remains, by 2035 of a bee will disappear from the face of the earth, and in 4 years extinction threatens also to mankind. What will occur, if bees die out?

The outstanding scientist of the XX century and acute philosopher Albert Einstein told once: «If from a face of the earth bees disappear, the mankind will exist four years». Decades later the Bulgarian is foreseen by Vanga predicted: «Day when from a face of the earth different plants, vegetables, animal will disappear will come… First of all, onions, garlic and pepper. The turn of bees» then will come.

Today the phenomenon of mass extinction of bees and bumblebees gained global character. The world on the verge of ecological accident.

  • What will occur, if bees die out?
  • What will occur, if bees die out?
  • What will occur, if bees die out?

With a problem of collapse of bee families (Colony Collapse Disorder) when bees families leave beehives and depart in the unknown direction, and sharp decrease in number of melliferous bees many countries of the world faced. By estimates of experts, in America for 2012 population of bees was reduced by 50 %. The similar situation is observed in Germany, Northern Ireland, Italy, France and Switzerland. In 2007-2008 number of bees in Russia it was reduced almost by 40 %, in Germany after disintegration of GDR – for 75 %. Mass disappearance of bees was registered also in Scotland and in the southwest of England.

Why so occurs? Major factors are:

the exotic parasites breeding with enormous speed in connection with global warming;

pesticides and other chemicals which are often used in agriculture and by production of food;

genetically modified grain crops;

climate change;


application of antibiotics in beekeeping practice;

electromagnetic radiation.

The Indian scientists from University of Punjab insist, what exactly influence of radiation of mobile phones weakens immunity of bee families. Results of the experiments carried out by them allowed to draw a conclusion that the irradiated bees postpone twice less eggs, than the bees protected from magnetic waves. As a result, the quantity of melliferous herbs and honey collected by them was reduced.

The world fund of protection of bees as the main cause of death of melliferous bees gives intensive application in pest control ядохимикатов and pesticides at cultivation of crops for the purpose of increase of productivity which do deadly harm of population of bees worldwide. Sprayed on fields pollinated by bees poison not simply reduces efficiency of apiaries, but also damages nervous system of a bee. Today in many developed countries of Europe the ban on some types of pesticides was imposed.

So happens, if bees die out? How it can be reflected in a planet ecosystem?

Bees carry out 80-90 % of pollination of plants (one swarm of bees in days is capable to pollinate two million flower!). Thus these tireless truzhenitsa render invaluable service to the person, increasing productivity of cultures and as a whole promoting growth of agricultural production. If bees disappear, there will be nobody to pollinate plants that will inevitably lead to their death as the majority cannot simply breed and make fruits without bees. There will be no plants – animals for whom these plants serve as food will die out. Every year crops will promptly fall, the mankind will be doomed to hunger. Thus, mass extinction of bees can have serious consequences for the whole world.