On datas of statistics, a half of our fellow citizens holds the savings on bank deposits. And it no wonder, after all for many is the simplest way to start to invest the money with the minimum risk. However everything is not so unequivocal! Than the bank deposit is dangerous?
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Often I hear reproaches in the address concerning my councils to hold the most part of the savings on bank deposits. Because:

– percent on deposits do not cover inflation;

– the bank at any time can "burst" or at it will withdraw the license;

– already many times in our country there were currency reforms and people lost the money lying on bank deposits, etc.

Yes, it agrees, it everything a naked truth. Moreover, any investment of money means probability (risk) of their loss. Therefore our task – to learn it is correctly to use this or that financial instrument, instead of «to hide the head in sand», as if a silly ostrich.

Than the bank deposit is dangerous? I prepared a small selection of councils on competent use of deposits – how to be protected from loss of the savings placed on deposits.

There is following of «a risk point»:

1. Risk of bankruptcy of bank (or a license response at it). The bank, as well as any other commercial organization, can go bankrupt owing to inept management, considerable deterioration of the general economic situation in the country, decline in demand and hostile actions – attacks of competitors.

How to be protected from it?
Placing the money in bank, be surely convinced that it is included into System of obligatory insurance of deposits. And then, in case of problems at bank, the state will return you the sum of your contribution (at the rate to 1,4 million rubles). I.e. you actually risk nothing!

2. The bank deposit brings in the low income. Low – risky investments mean obtaining the low income, in exchange providing safety of the investments made by you. And on the contrary, it is high – risky investments can potentially give you the ultrahigh income, but thus you can lose all the money.

In view of that the bank deposit actually guarantees to you that with your money happens nothing, the income in the form of the added percent is extremely small – approximately on a rate of inflation. The problem of preservation of money, instead of their enhancement thus is solved.

How to be protected from it?
To receive higher income (percent on a contribution), it is necessary to place the money in bank for long term (1-2-3 years). Consider that if you decide to take away the money before a date of completion of a contribution, will lose the added percent.

3. It is impossible to trust our state – it surely again will deceive us, as it did more than once. Really, unfortunately, our country is the country of "eternally deceived" investors. Currency reforms (Pavlovsk, gaydarovsky, denomination, etc.), every possible пираМММиды and at all beat off actions of swindlers at people desire somewhere to invest the money. The low income and disbelief in any investments doom to poverty a huge number of our fellow citizens.

How to be protected from it?
Art of competent investment can learn. Money should work and bring us new money. For this purpose there is a great variety of the options checked by time and every possible crises. As option: look narrowly at strategy of monthly averaging.

Each of us should understand, what risks at different ways (tools) of an investment of money and as them to minimize are. And how differently to provide to the family financial wellbeing?