While on a flight to Houston recently, I met an aerospace worker employed at Boeing My old tendency’ would have been to ask him – maybe debate with him – about the Stealth bomber that Boeing helps produce; but instead 1 asked him about his working conditions. I discovered that he was working with chemicals which could cause memory loss, fatigue, and possibly hepatitis. He told me that he couldn’t be specific about the names of those chemicals – they were confidential When I asked him why he didn’t see a doaor, he told me the chemicals were so confidential that they couldn’t be disclosed to a doaor When I pressed, ‘Isn’t your life more important than confidentiality?” he answered, "It’s not just my life… If I lose my job, it’s my wife and my two kids who suffer ‘ With a tad of encouragement, he then showed me a piaure of his wife and tw o children in front of their Christmas tree.