ITEM A female cNd-care worker acknowledges having a six-month sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy inder her care. She receives no prison term – not a sngle day. She is allowed to go free on probation, having to pay only $500 for the boy’s ccxxisebng.55

The release of this female statutory rapist caused no uproar. This was in 1992 – the same year that Mike TVson received a six-year prison sentence.

Can an adult man be raped by a woman?

We have already seen how when we allow men to define rape as unwanted sex – as women are al lowed to do – that 94 percent of men said they had had unwanted sexual activity by the time they were in college.56 But aside from the false accusation, there are other ways adult men can be raped by *отеп.

Technical rape

We often say a man can’t be raped by a woman because a man needs an lection to have intercourse, and "any man who has an erection obviously ‘warns it,’ therefore that’s not rape " The female equivalent of having an erection is being vaginally lubricated, but a man cannot defend against a rape charge by saying, "Yes, Your Honor, she did say no, but she was lubricated, so obviously she wanted it and therefore it isn’t rape."

Being erect – or being lubricated – is often a sign that a person is sexually excited. But not always. A man can have an erection in the middle of the night but be too exhausted to want sex. Should we allow sex with a baby because he has an erection5

Birth control ropo

Perhaps the most frequent way men are raped by adult women might be called "birth control rape." If a man is considered a date rapist by a woman who consents at night but feels raped in the morning, then a man can feel raped by a woman who says she is on birth control at night and says she feels pregnant the next week And if she says, "I’m going to have the child, like it or not," this rape of him imprisons him for a lifetime. The big difference is that the rape of him is sanctioned by law To pay for the child, he is forced to take a job he likes less, often leading to greater stress and earlier death. A decision by her that involves him also involves his body. If it involves his body, it is also his business. If it violates his body without consent, it is rape