1 got killed in Vietnam. 1 just didn’t know it at the time.

Paul Reutersban, Agent Orange victim55

ITEM More Vietnam veterans have committed suicide since the war ended than were killed in the Vietnam War itself.54

ITEM It is conservatively estimated that 20 percent of all Vietnam veterans, and 60 percent of combat veterans, were psychiatric casualties.55

ITEM A presidential review found over 400.000 Vietnam veterans to be either in prison, on parole, on probation, or awaiting trial.56

ITEM In Los Angeles alone, an estimated 20.000 homeless veterans walk the streets. The Veterans Administration Center has fewer than 300 beds in service for them.57

If we are to understand the psychological responsibility of being born male, it might stan with understanding the disease suffered by 60 percent of the combat veterans.58 After the Civil War, the disease was called soldier s heart – heart palpitations, chest pains, dizziness. After World War I, shell shock 59 After Vietnam, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).