Myth. Rape is a manifestation of male political and economic power.

Fact Any given black man is three limes as likely to be reported a rapist as a white man.*

Do blacks suddenly have more political and economic power? Maybe rape does not derive from power, but rather from powerlessness. More on that below.

Is rape an outgrowth of male violence?

Myth Rape has nothing to do with sexual attraction – it is just an act of violence s This is "proven" by the fact that women of every age are raped.

Fact – Being at the age of greatest sexual attraction makes the chances of being raped at least 8,400 percent greater than being over age 50.6

When a woman Is between the ages 16 and 19. her chances of being raped are 84 in 20,000; when she is between 50 and 64, her chances are less than one in 20.000/ Sexual attraction, then, does have something to do with who is raped

If rape were just an act of violence, then it should not be distinguished from any other violent crime. Other violent crimes are not distinguished by the body parts involved And if they were, the vulnerability of the testicles would make assault to the testicles an especially violent crime; and the importance of the head would make assault to the head a crime deserving of extreme punishment. Unless feminists are saying that a woman’s vagina is more important than a woman’s head, rape must be acknowledged as something more than violence toward a body part in order to give it its special treatment.

What are we really doing when we ignore the role of sexual attraction? We are ignoring our responsibility as a culture for reinforcing men’s addiction to female sexual beauty and then depriving men of what we’ve helped addict them to We will not be willing to stop reinforcing men’s addiction to beautiful women until we are willing to stop the benefits that beautiful women receive when men’s addiction gets men to perform for women, pay for women, and pursue women.