It will be tempting to see The Myth of Male l*ower as the flip side of feminism. It is not. Feminism says, "The world Is patriarchal and male – dominated." The flip side is, "The world is matriarchal and female-domin­ated." I explain why it is both patriarchal and matriarchal, both male- and female-dominated. The book explains male disposability without denying female disposability (eg., when a man trades in his wife of 40 for two 20- year-olds). That is an integrated approach.

How has feminism gotten as to see a one-sided approach as integrated? By telling us not that women see the world as patriarchal, sexist, and male- dominated but rather that the world is patriarchal, sexist, and male-domin­ated. Whenever feminism portrays itself as the whole picture, it Is a form of sexism – in the same way a "masculist" approach would be sexist if it portrayed itself as the whole picture.