If even chimpanzees – with genes almost identical to humans’ – have more aggressive males than females, is there hope for humans changing our­selves before we kill ourselves? Yes Our hope lies in the instinct to adapt Within all of as, males and females, is the potential for killer-protector and the potential for nurturer-connector 71 When Vikings got approval for being nurturer-connectors rather than killer-protectors, they soon adapted

and became nurturer-conneaors. The change was not impossible because killing to protea was just their method of adapting to what gave them approval.

Conversely, within each female is the potential for aggressiveness: females competing to see a rock star are more aggressive than males competing to see a rock star. What runs deeper than our propensity for aggressiveness or passivity’ is our ability to adapt to what makes us survive: to live in Beverly Hills or a concentration camp. . . to be an ambassador one day or a hostage the next. .