ITEM When Children International seeks sponsors for children, seventeen out of eighteen of the children it shows are female.1 The viewer is told, "When you adopt a cMd. she wi write, she will have food, she…"

In another ad, poverty itself is defined as "hunger and a little g/г/ growing old too fast."

Why this focus on the suffering girt? The organizations are trying to raise money. Their experience has taught them that we care more about saving girls.

How ignoring male ecology destroys global ecology

At Three Mile Island, where 80 percent of the workers were men,2 sleep loss and exhaustion led to a failure to recognize the loss of coolant water.5 By morning, the lack of coolant water caused the near meltdown of the reactor. Workers’ sleep loss was also found to be the common denominator for the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and the catastrophe at Cher­nobyl.4 And as we saw above, when the Exxon Valdez spilled oil, although the captain was blamed, investigators later conceded that the underlying culprit was the decision to send the exhausted crew back to sea after skipping their scheduled day s rests Had workers been rested, some of the worst ecological disasters in our history might have been prevented In a karmic sense, our world s ecology was being punished for not caring about male ecology.