In my own examination of large shopping malls (including men’s shops and sporting goods stores) I found that approximately seven times as much floor space is devoted to women’s personal items as to men’s. Both sexes buy more for women. The key to wealth is not in what someone earns; it is *n what is spent on ourselves, at our discretion – or in what is spent on us, at our hint.

Overall, women control consumer spending by a wide margin in virtually every consumer category.16 With spending power come other forms of power. Women’s control over spending gives them control of TV programs because TV is dependent on sponsors. When this is combined with the fan that women watch more TV in every time slot,17 shows can’t afford to bite the hand that feeds them. Women are to TV what bosses are to employees The result? Half of the 250 made-for-TV movies in 1991 depicted women as victims – subjected to ‘ some form of physical or psychological mis­treatment."18