ITEM Ramiro Rodriguez was driving back from the supermarket. His daughter was sittng on his wife’s lap.60 As Ramiro made a left turn, a van crashed into the car and his daughter was killed Ramiro was charged with homicide. The reason7 He daughter was not placed m a safety seat Ramiro ex planed that his daughter was sick and wanted to be held so he wife decided to hold her. Yet only Ramiro was charged.

Although it was the mother’s decision to hold Veronica (rather than put her in a safety seat), only the father was charged with homicide. The mother was charged with nothng. Ramiro was eventually acquitted after protests over the racism.61 No one saw the sexism.

The larger picture? Both parents made a decision to have the mother do the holding and father do the driving Either both should be charged with vehicular homicide – or neither. Ramiro and his wife shared parenting, but only Ramiro was accused of homicide. How can Ramiro be accused of homicide when Sheryl Lynn Massip deliberately crushed her baby’s head with her car and is freed?