We tend to consider it helpful to reinforce what is natural. However, if a baby is born with a handicap, it might not be helpful to say, Tour handicap is natural, so we’ll teach you how to increase it!" Yet, that’s what we do with men’s aggressiveness and women’s passivity. We teach both sexes how to increase their handicaps.

If it is biologically proven that women are born with more passivity than are men, then the only relevant question is, “Will that be functional for the type of future we desire?" If it is not functional, then the greater the biological propensity, the greater the need for change If female passivity is proven innate, then that increases the need for female assertiveness train­ing. If male aggressiveness is ingrained, that increases our need for male assertiveness training (not aggressiveness training)

Biology is only the best hint as to what was functional in the past but not necessarily about what will be in the future The most empowering question we can ask about the future is not "What Is the future and how do we adapt?” but "I low do we want our future to be and how do we adapt?"