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Monlyn french, author of The Women’s Room1

Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.

Vossor College Assistant Dean of Students2

Imagine your son dating a woman from Vassar who feels that a man could gain from being falsely accused of rape When he comes home for the holidays and tells you he might be spending next semester in prison – where he will be considered "fresh meat" by the prisoners – do you tell him that men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience? Do you feel good about paying taxpayer dollars to support colleges that are that callous toward your son because he was born male? If your son entered the armed services rather than college, how would you feel about the U. S. Air Force study that is being kept quiet because it discovered that 60 percent of the rape accusations turned out to be false – not unfounded, but false?5*

On the other hand, imagine your daughter. You know that date rape is a legitimate issue. You want your daughter to experience dating in a way that contributes to love, not hate. You also sense that if your daughter is raped by a man she is dating, her ability to trust will also be raped. So the big question is. how do we make dating the most positive experience possible for both our daughters and our sons? Do we do that by not interfering? By criminal­ization (e g., putting all men in jail who pursue a woman after she says no)? By resocialization? And if it’s by resocialization, does that mean teaching children what we learned or what they should learn? And exactly what should they learn?

So far in the 1980s and 90s, we’ve focused on criminalization. And the criminalization has been focused on criminalizing only the male role. I believe we need resocialization more than criminalization; and that both roles need revamping, not just the male role. We need to make a transition from Stage I dating to Stage II dating – together. We can start by clearing up the false assumptions that have led to our current focus on criminalization.

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