ITEM The Defense Department gave $2 mdlion to Louisiana State University to study how to return brain-injured soldiers to battle (rather than help them adjust to civilian life) The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine protested. But wait… The protest was not over the recycling of brain-in/ured men, it was over the subjection of cats to brain injury to determine how the men could best be reused. Even the headlnes read "Doctors Assail Project in Which Cats Are Shot"48

Why do we care so little about men’s lives?

We have seen that it was the sacrifice of men’s lives that historically led to everyone’s survival. So societies unconsciously taught themselves not to care too much about men’s lives. Notice how this greater caring about a woman’s survival is unconsciously highlighted in headlines:

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6 Americans, Including Woman, Among 10 Released by Baghdad

MARCH І, 1991

If we don’t care about men’s lives, why did married men with children receive draft deferments? Because we began to care about men’s lives when men helped women and children survive.

Innocent women, guilty men

Both conservatives and liberals passively accept phrases like "innocent women and childrenWhen foreign hostages are captured and only women and children are released, neither ideology protests the sexism: