ITEM A beautiful woman – dubbed the Miss Amenca Bandit – conducted an armed robbery of a bank. Federal sentencing guidelines called for a minimum of four and a half to five years m federal prison. The federal judge gave her two years because she told the judge she was in love with her hairdresser and he had wanted her to rob the bank. The judge concluded. "Men have always exercised malevolent influence over women, and women seem to be soft touches for it. particularly if sex is involved… It seems to me the Svengali-Tnlby relationship ts the motivating force behind this lady*… the main thing is sex."70

Imagine a judge reducing a man s sentence because he was in love and "women have always exercised malevolent influence over men"? If justice is not the issue, what is? The Miss America Bandit was beautiful. And judges, like most men, instinctively protea beautiful women. If such an "angel" breaks the law, the judge must do a devil hunt. (And the devil, of course, is a male.) For exaaly this reason, it was important that The Burning Bed be played by the woman considered the most beautiful at the time. Farrah Fawcett.

Which sex is best able to persuade a sexual partner to do something immoral? Let’s look.

•Svengali is a fictional character said to have hypnotic qualities of persuasion over the innocent Trilby. (Guess which is the woman!)