ITEM Steve Petrix was a journalist who lived near me in San Diego Every day he returned home to have lunch with his wife. Recently, as he got near his door, he heard his wife screaming. She was being attacked with a knife. Steve fought the assailant off his wife His wife ran to call the police. The intruder killed Steve. Steve was ЗІ.26

A friend of mine put it this way: "What would you pay someone who agreed that, if he was ever with you when you were attacked, he would intervene and try to get himself killed slowly enough to give you time to escape? What is the hourly wage for a bodyguard? You know that is your job as a man – every time you are with a woman. any woman, not just your wife.”27 What do men as women’s personal bodyguards and men as volunteer fire fighters have in common besides being men? They are both unpaid. Men have not yet begun to investigate their unpaid roles.