From Rombo to roaltty

To this day, his legs still Missing in Action.

Leroy V. Quintana n

Political shifts often begin with actions that don’t just raise consciousness but shock consciousness. For example, if a Ram bo doll shows the ideal of violence, perhaps a "reality doll" can show the realities of violence.

The reality doll might feature a variety of models. . . a paraplegic model with a wheelchair and accessories like racially diverse arms and legs that are interchangeable and miniature prostheses; a corpse model with body bags, caskets, and urns – the quality level depending on the poverty level; a POW model with a bamboo cage and extra stationery; an Agent Orange model with deformed children; an MIA model that gets lost in shipping. . .

The posit raumatic stress models all come with strait jackets, pills, and a fifth of Jack Daniel’s (made from caramel water). The posttraumatic Tom model features a built-in noise sensor. When a door is slammed, Tom experiences a flashback. He releases his rage on a battered Barbie. The best­selling accessory for the battered Barbie model is a phone with an easy – access 911 for reporting posttraumatic Tom to the police.

The real consciousness shocker is that using dolls to prevent violence sounds more violent than using dolls to promote violence.

Th* **males-por-gallon" war

World War II is often thought of as a war that brought America from depression to prosperity. The war in the Gulf would never have been fought if Kuwait were known for carrots, not oil. In the Gulf War men were still 96 percent of those killed; it was just the most recent exchange of men for money. It was the “Males-Per-Gallon” Vtfar. Until we protest, it won’t end.