ITEM For every woman who is murdered, three men are murdered.1

ITEM With the exception of rape, the more violent the cnme. the more likely the victim is a man.2

ITEM Males are the pnmary victims of all violent crimes except rape. These violent crimes (excluding rape) have increased by 36 percent3 Rape, the one violent crime m which females are the pnmary victims, has decreased by 33 percent.4

ITEM Forcible rape constitutes less than 6 percent of all violent crimes; violent crimes of which men are the primary victims constitute the remaining 94 percent5

ITEM The average American has I chance in 153 of being murdered; a black man has I chance m 28 of being murdered.6

ITEM When the Department of justice conducted a nationwide survey, it found that Americans rated a wife stabbing her husband to death as 41 percent less severe than a husband stabbng his wife to death.7

ITEM Wives report that they were more likely to assault their husbands than their husbands were to assault them. (This according to the National Family Violence Survey’s nationwide random sampling of households.8)

ITEM Blacks are six times more likely than whites to be victims of homicides.9 Forty-five percent of black males wil become victims of violent crime three or more times.10