ITEM Black men. Indian men. and gay men have the toughest time among American males. And they all have something in common: they do not provide an economic security blanket for women.

Thm men who couldn’t protect her: the block and American Indian man

Indian men could not adequately protect their food, water, and land from white invaders. Despite legends and myths that trained the Indian man to sacrifice himself, when legends, bows, and arrows could not keep up with technology, guns, and bullets, his family was confined to the reservations of their defeat. Unable to protect by killing buffalo or by making a killing on Wall Street, the Indian man became disposable. He received little love and, with little love, found much liquor

Similarly, as those black men with a slave heritage entered an industrial­ized era without adequate training to protea their families, they were also rejeaed by women Only the black male performers – usually physical performers such as the Wilt Chamberlains and Magic Johnsons – found thousands of women. Black men who could not perform were subjea to ridicule in novels and films (e. g., The Color Purple, The Women of Brewster Place).

As a result of this inadequate preparation to protea, many African – American men often chose aberrant, quick fix, lottery-type attempts to “make it" – via drug dealing, gambling, or the lottery itself. When these methods failed to bring them the money to protea, they, as with Indian men, found themselves inadequate for women’s love, gambling for a last hope of love, and, if they failed, drugging themselves to death.