Is it biology?

ITEM In Bangladesh today, men live longer than women. In Harlem today, women live longer than men. Correction. In Harlem, women live much longer than men.1 If botogy is the only variable, why these differences?

What our life span tells us about who has the power

When we learn that nonwhites have about 80 percent of the chance of whites to reach 85,2 we know that it is because of the relative powerlessness of nonwhites. But. . .

ITEM A boy infant is only half as likely as a girl infant to live to age 85.3

ITEM When a man is about 25. his anxiety about "making rt" is at its height. Here are the odds of a person Innng out that year:

Odds of living out this year

Females (white)

1,754 to

Females (black)

943 to

Males (white)

561 to

Males (black)

311 to

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In graph form, this looks like:

Odds of living out this year (25-year-olds)*



White Black

While Black

ITEM Blacks die earlier than whites from twelve of the fifteen leading causes of death. Men die earlier than women from all fifteen of the leading causes of death.6