I am often asked why men don’t get as worked up as they might about women – particularly poor women – having to use their bodies as prosti­tutes. Because most men unconsciously experience themselves as prosti­tutes every’ day – the miner, the firefighter, the construaion worker, the logger, the soldier, the meatpacker – these men are prostitutes in the direa sense: they sacrifice their bodies for money and for their families.

The middie-class man is a prostitute of a different sort: he recalls that when his children were bom, he gave up his dreams of becoming a novelist and began the nightmare of writing ad copy for a produa he didn’t believe in – something he would have to do every’ workday for the rest of his life The poorer the man, the more he feels this. To men, prostitution is not a female-only occupation.

Most men barely allow themselves even to think about the freedom to look within until after their families are as economically secure as they desire. But many a man finds that just as his goal is within reach, his family is wishing for a nicer home, a better car, a private college If he is one of the rare men able to satisfy his family enough to look within, he fears discover­ing the prostitute he has become in the process of providing for others. This is men’s version of subservience – of wife and children first, husband last.