The suicide class is 91 percent white,2′ usually well educated, and at least middle class. They are the success class. Or at least they were – until they last their job or their savings. But why suicide when I’ve been saying it’s feeling not loved or needed that ‘s the catalyst? Because the men who are successful have become the most dependent on success to attract love. When this man loses his success, he often fears he will lose love. Is this true? Well, it’s usually about two pans fact, one pan fear. It’s usually a fact that his wife might not have considered him eligible had he been a supermarket checkout clerk, and it might be a fact that the success it took to attract love made him a specialist more in success than love, but he might also be underestimating his wife’s or woman friend’s real love. Nevertheless, the fact and fear are both real for him, thus the connection between men, love, success, and suicide. Or, should we say, the disconnection between men and life.