I have been so fortunate in the contributions and help I have received in writing this book. First, I must acknowledge the support I have received from the University of Warwick, and from my colleagues in the Department of Continuing Education, for a period of study leave. This certainly eased the task of researching and writing at length.

I am also very appreciative of those colleagues who willingly gave up their precious time to read and comment on earlier drafts of the material and whose responses have also been so generous in spirit. So thank you Linda Perriton, Arwen Raddon, Elaine Millard, Jane Martin, Morwenna Griffiths and Lynn Clouder. Just at the moment of a crisis of confidence your thoughts were very helpful and welcome indeed.

I also have to thank Mal Leicester who, a few years ago now, pointed me in the direction of Wittgenstein and Cathie Edwards who so kindly lent me her Wittgenstein resources. Thank you both.

Karen Phillips at Sage has been delightful to work with. Not only has she facilitated the production process but she has engaged with the ideas in the text in such a developmental way. Loraine Blaxter has continued to be the person who has listened to me and challenged me throughout the writing of this book and I count myself fortunate to have such a colleague.

And of course, last but not least, Malcolm Tight has not only continued to walk the dog and cook the meals during what has been for me a lengthy and intensive period of academic writing but I know I have also benefited from his clarity of thought and intellectual rigour.