The last loud an avia – alcoholic incident – detention and discharge from flight of drunk crew of the Latvian company "airBaltic", intending to take off from Oslo on the island of Crete. But among fans cheerfully to spend time behind a steering wheel of an airliner not only Latvians. How many it is possible to drink behind a steering wheel of a passenger airliner?

The departure from Oslo of an airliner with one hundred passengers was onboard detained after the anonymous call which has arrived in police. As a result three crew members are already punished by court. the 38-year-old second pilot will spend six months in imprisonment places, one of stewardesses received "holiday" lasting 45 days, another – 60.

The crew, unlike the commander, recognized the fault. But the last rejects charges in spite of the fact that the content of alcohol in its blood twice exceeded norm. Its destiny will be solved by the court planned for the middle of September. The maximum imprisonment term threatening to the 50-year-old pilot, two years. To court the commander will spend time under guards.

By the rules accepted in Europe in the late eighties, in blood of pilots and dispatchers can be to 0,2 per milles of alcohol. It means that pilots have the right to afford a glass of wine or a glass of beer approximately in 12 hours prior to flight.

«airBaltic» mentioned above the second pilot told that drank a beer bottle in 2 hours prior to a departure, but before it lost control during stretched on all night long friendly a sit-round gathering and drained 2 bottles of whisky. Obviously, before a departure the pilot suffered from a hangover and hoped to "receive medical treatment".

Before acceptance of the general norm national rules operating in a number of the European countries were more strict. For example, in Germany the zero standard operated. Among opposite examples – France where in 1950-60 to pilots of "Air France" during flight submitted a dinner with a wine glass.

Norm for the American pilots – 0,4 per milles. Rules order them «to avoid flights» within 8 hours after the use of alcohol drinks. According to the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA in 2013 11 thousand casual tests for alcohol which 13 pilots "ruined" were carried out.

In 2009 of "News" wrote that according to drunk discharges the most ardent fans of alcohol – the Indian pilots, follow them Ukrainians and Frenchmen. In the three of leaders there are no Russians, but it does not mean that the Russian boards nondrinkers operate entirely.

Till 1992 all crews passed preflight medical examination, the disciplinary charter of civil aviation operated. Convicted of alcoholism dismissed without the right of restoration and deprived of a pension half if it was put.

In modern civil aviation of Russia of the charter already is not present, but medical examination remained. Except Russia on all former Soviet Union it did not refuse only in Belarus.

The Russian norm for flight structure – 0 per milles. For 2014 the Rosaviation revealed 22 violators. Almost all of them are stewards, but there are also pilots. "Were lit" the two second the pilot from "Siberia" («S7 Airlines»), one of "North" («Nordwind»), the commander of a board from "Yakutia", etc.

At the end of 2008 the Russian mass media wrote about the "revolt" organized onboard an airliner taking off for New York by Xenia Sobchak. All passengers declared refusal of flight in view of that the commander of the aircraft showed all signs of alcoholic intoxication. According to Xenia when it deduced from a cabin, the commander explained that yesterday celebrated birthday, but terrible anything is not present, except it in crew two more pilots, everything will be normal.

Case, of course, the funny. But actually ridiculous it is not enough. Drunk pilots are responsible for 19 plane crashes. The last from them – the first in the territory of Russia accident of "Boeing-737" which belonged to Aeroflot North airline and broke on September 14, 2008. 88 people then were lost.

Do not drink behind a steering wheel!