The person is necessary to our state only until it is capable to bring in the income. While he works, works for increase in gross domestic product, from its salary taxes are paid, it goes to shop and spends money from which besides the shop will list taxes. And so on around, as not absolutely already healthy, but still obedient and quite to itself working horse. Pension reform 2015 - the state racket? To Ostap Bander on a note

When the person leaves and leaves on the deserved rest, it is very favorable to the state, that he died at once, the same day, it is desirable, on the way home. Then it is possible to save fine on free treatment, social, pension, housing and transport service.

Few years ago in the article «The pensioner – Buratino our time» I already spoke about it. In the course of time exchanged nothing. Unless money at the state became even less. Also rushed.

Since August of they be 2015 – years do not operate some travel privileges of pensioners. Obviously, in state agencies correctly acquired lessons of the buzzard from an animated cartoon about the Imp of the Thirteenth. «Houses the buzzard should sit, instead of gad the devil knows where». And truth … And that suddenly still will reach policlinic!

Above reflected, with whom to begin economy? Reflected and decided, it is necessary what to begin not with the officials, stealing in billions, not from the trade forcing producers to sell the work for kopeks and winding huge money for the mediation, and from the fattest, most cunning idlers – the hypochondriacs who are called as pensioners.

And the justification was. The pension, appears, it is compensation for work loss, explained to us. And time work, and to you it is not necessary to pension. And anything that elderly people often work not from good life whom it excites.

Though as to the economist it seemed to me that this severance pay and an unemployment benefit – compensations for work loss. And the pension, first of all, is gratitude of the state to that person who spent the life, the most valuable that at it is – the time, working for the good of this state. Whether it is necessary to forget that present pensioners worked for the good of the state. Only with recent, to historical measures, a time people began to work and for themselves.

And the first that occurred to zakonotvortsam-reformers: to enter in the country mark pension system. It should be noted that this reform far not the first, but I can precisely tell that most muddy of the previous. Ostap Bender and that would envy developers of it «rather honest way of depriving of money» which I call the state racket for there are no other words.

About pensioners future. At most, on what you can apply at the moment, without being socially unprotected category of the population, and quite to yourself the ordinary young man with hands and feet and without the relatives demanding your leaving, is 7,39 points, receiving in a month of 59 250 rubles added (i.e. to a deduction of a tax on the income). The point price – 71,41 rub. To receive there is no more sense for 7,39 is the top limit which can fall only.

Thus, the earned pension in a year will make: 7,39 x 71,41 = 527 rub of 72 kopeks. Let’s present (though to present such difficult) that on it reform ended, exchanged nothing also you, having fulfilled 20 years, with flowers and cheeks in lipstick retired.

Accumulating in a year on 527,72, you receive on an exit of 10 554 rub (527,72 x 20). Let’s add to it any recalculations, indexations, at most thousand on 5. Let’s receive 15 554 rub.

«But we have still a funded pension, 6 % from a salary, – you will tell. – And a non-state pension fund «Horns and Hoofs» in which the state obliged me to invest money, having withdrawn them from the state Pension fund, reliably stores it!»

On what I will answer that it still the controversial question, is it or not for it that is, is not present. And the accumulative part is a lottery: you will manage to invest money there where them will not shirk in 20 years – dance, you will not manage – the fool. Therefore let’s not to consider here this part for to count it though how many that authentically does not leave.

So, as though I worked on favourite work (and I love it, oh, damn!), it is more than 15 554 rub not to see to me. Even if to me owing to future reforms 10 points in a year in cost of 100 rubles everyone will be charged, I will receive pension in 20 000 rub. What can I buy on this money in 20 years? It is not ready to answer, for to the third eye that looks ahead, I have no.

And now we will look, in what my work to the employer manages. Every month the employer deducts only in the Pension Fund of 22 % from the sum of my salary (16 % – an insurance part, 6 % – an accumulative part which that will transfer to «A horn and Hoofs»). That makes 13 035 rub a month (59250 x 0,22). And these it monthly includes 13 thousand in cost of the goods, rising in them the price. But besides the Pension Fund, he needs to list and other taxes on my salary: in Funds of medical and social insurance. And I receive less 13 % from the added income which besides leave in treasury!

So, the employer pays in the Pension fund of 156 420 rub a year that I earned 527, 72 rub!

The question of the Kid from the fairy tale about Carlson is involuntarily remembered: «Well, if I so cost much, it is possible for me to receive a little bit at least now?»

Two words about working pensioners. Irrespective of their income and the size of contributions of the employer, to the person the extra charge is put: 3 pension points in a year, i.e. 214,23 rub. Thus, it is again favorable to employer to charge to the pensioner minimum possible income, and a difference between the actual and added salary to pay in an envelope.

The chairman of federation council told once that it is necessary to understand, why 20 million young people get wages in envelopes and are not afraid for the future. It would be desirable to answer, time they there above did not understand yet. Because we see, how there live our grandmothers and grandfathers, and is not tested illusions.

But you about us do not worry, please. In the end of the year and you will have 214,23 rub, that’s when will go on a spree on everything!