About production of dry vodka in mass media began to write slightly more than two years ago. The first it was made by newspapers of the USA. There the powder version of dry vodka («Palcohol») even was registered as a trademark. In Russia too to it business went, but caused serious disagreements at different levels. Than dry vodka is dangerous?

Already it is difficult to define precisely to whom exactly for the first time came to mind thought to make vodka in the form of a tablet or a powder. The idea soared, as they say, in air. After all it is much more convenient to transport dry vodka, than "wet". Here the minimum costs of packing, are not present habitual fight of glass and it is not necessary to "invent" attractive and expensive stickers for each type of vodka. And possibility to take with itself a small bag of dry vodka anywhere and imperceptibly to use – old dream very many.

In America the following types of dry alcohol are on sale: vodka, rum and three alcoholic cocktails. Powderita and Lemon Drop cocktails use the greatest popularity. Especially among youth. The inventor of dry alcohol – Mark Phillips. A basis of its invention – алкопудра. The Palcohol trademark in the USA registered on November 5, 2013. The owner of a sign – Phillips.

  • Than dry vodka is dangerous?
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It is curious that on the international norms dry vodka got to the category «ethyl alcohol». Thanks to the Madrid arrangement (signed 80 countries, including and Russia), the trademark automatically could appear anywhere. In Russia about Palcohol trademark protection the decision accepted in May, 2014. After that on sale there were bags of dry alcoholic powders with various flavoring additives. In particular, with taste of strawberry, orange, a cherry. The weight of bags made 20 and 25 grams. For their use contents should be poured out in a glass with water and to stir.

But generally to be fair it is necessary to notice that the first the dry version of alcohol was thought up by the Russian scientist Evgeny Moskalev. In the autumn of 2009 it showed the invention to journalists from "NTV" channel. Thus especially emphasized that new thought up nothing, and only continued a number of known dry mixes. Really, long ago there is a powdered milk, dry cream, dry (powder) soft drinks. Especially the last are widespread in Turkey and at one time widely were on sale in the territory of the former USSR.

In laboratory where candidate of science Moskalev works, vodka "evaporated" in a powder, and from it "stamped" tablets. But, as it is accepted at us, trade did not become interested in the invention, but at once paid attention to well advertized brand from America. It and is clear – overseas always in Russia it seemed and it seems by miracle. And here directly we see, how advertizing in the West works.

In the USA in youth clubs drugs in the form of powders are very widespread. In mass media there were paid laudatory reviews of dry alcohol. Which is supposedly much safer in comparison with "wet" and it is certainly safer some drugs. Bags with dry vodka began to distribute even free of charge. Result – the use of drugs sharply increased in such clubs. Why? For the reason that the youth after acceptance of alcohol loses control and starts to "catch up" with a high drugs. Outwardly similar powders are easy for confusing. But inhalation of a powder of dry vodka «on brains does not beat» as effect of dry vodka is focused on its reception inside. But the youth has possibility «отмазаться» from police (if it is caught at inhalation of drugs), having told that smelled dry vodka. In powders examination can establish distinction only.

And how to be in a situation if someone wishes to mix some bags of dry alcohol in one glass with water? In Russia beer with vodka call "ruff". Consequences from reception of "ruff" the very heavy. In the West "ruff" do not do, but like to mix alcoholic cocktails. However mixing of dry vodka with "wet" beer in Russia can appear lethal at some diseases. Besides, at us it is accepted to drink very hard liquor. And nothing will prevent instead of one package with dry vodka to dissolve in a glass with water a little.

Let’s not forget also that in the USA teenagers difficult legally to buy drugs. But there are no problems with acquisition of dry alcohol as on a pack with it there is no prevention of age restriction. In the USA school students bring on occupations a bottle with mineral water and dissolve in it bags of dry vodka. Conspiracy after all the ideal.

In America any permission can be bought. And the project «on one million» promises to profit (exactly in mass media of America release of dry alcohol so moves) the fantastic income. And still even in the USA not everything is so simple. Let’s tell, in the State of Colorado in the spring of this year forbade sale of dry alcohol. For underground sale the large penalty there is entered.